Agilulfus of Cologne

Saint Agilulfus (or Agigulf), Abbot of Stavelot, Bishop of Cologne and martyr, died in the year 750.

Agilulfus of Cologne
Rathausturm Köln - Agilolf (5991-93).jpg
Statue of Agilulfus at the Tower of Cologne City Hall
Bishop, Saint, & Martyr
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineSt. Maria ad Gradus, Cologne
FeastJuly 9

Apart from his name, very little is known about Bishop Agilulfus, and an early account written by a monk of Malmedy is deemed untrustworthy.

Agilulfus came from a good family and was educated under Abbot Angelinus at Stavelot. A short time after succeeding as Abbot of Stavelot, Agilulfus became Bishop of Cologne. He is said to have tried to persuade King Pepin to leave his throne to someone other than Charles Martel, due to Charles' illegitimacy. Agilulfus' violent end soon after could be a result of Martel seeking revenge.[1]

A letter of Pope Zachary in 747 commended Agilulfus for signing the "Charta verae et orthodoxae professionis."[1]

Agilulfus was venerated in the Abbey at Malmedy as an abbot and martyr. In 1062 Bishop Anno brought his remains to the Church of Our Lady of the Steps at Cologne.[2] His feast day is July 9.[1]


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  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainThurston, Herbert (1907). "St. Agilulfus". In Herbermann, Charles (ed.). Catholic Encyclopedia. 1. New York: Robert Appleton Company.