AGERPRES (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈad͡ʒerpres]) is the national news agency of Romania.

Agenția Națională de Presă AGERPRES
AGERPRES National Press Agency
IndustryNews agency
Founded27 March 1889
HeadquartersPiața Presei Libere, Bucharest, Romania
Key people
Alexandru Giboi


The National News Agency "AGERPRES" is the oldest Romanian news agency and the first autonomous agency in Romania. It was established in March 1889 at the initiative of Foreign Minister Petre P. Carp, as the Telegraph Agency of Romania or Romanian Agency with serving as a "fast and accurate service of all general or special interest news".

The Telegraph Agency of Romania was suspended from the end of 1916 until the end of World War I. On June 16, 1921, it established the agency Orient-Radio, "caring only for the general interest and that of its subscribers."

In 1926 it takes place a new reorganization of the agency, the Romanian Parliament decided shifting to name RADOR - Information Telegraph Agency. Later, in 1949, the first news agency in Romania becomes AGERPRES.

In 1990, is established ROMPRES and six years later ROMPRES becomes a member of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA).

The first website of the National Press Agency it is launched in 1999.

The National News Agency returns to the AGERPRES name in July 2008, following the amendment of Law no. 19/2003 on the organization and functioning of the National Press ROMPRES.

Over the 124 years of its establishment, the National News Agency launched a series of illustrated works, such as:

  • The album "Three days in a century. 7 to 9 May 1999" dedicated to the visit of Pope John Paul II in Romania;
  • The album "Romania and the Council of Europe 1993-2003" in 2003;
  • The album "Romania-NATO 1990-2004";
  • The album "Romania 20", trilingual, launched in Brussels in 2009, after 20 years since the revolution of 1989.

AGERPRES has the largest archive of photographs from Romania, as well as an internal and external photo service which provides in real-time, over 1,000 photos.

On September 17, 2013 AGERPRES gets to New AGERPRES that is about a complex transformation process that comprises three pillars:

1. Orientation to the online environment and adapting to trends in the area;

2. Enriching the multimedia with interactive video platform;

3. Introducing the concept of a full journalist.

The rebranding process such as rethinking strategies and communication platforms, ensures AGERPRES's entering among the major world news agency and confirmed its position as the main source of information about Romania, for Romanian and worldwide.

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