Agathocles (writers)

Agathocles (Greek: Ἀγαθοκλῆς; fl. 3rd century BC) was a Greek historian who wrote a history of Cyzicus (περὶ Κυζίκου) in the Ionic dialect.[1] He is called by Athenaeus both a Babylonian[2] and a Cyzican.[3] He may originally have come from Babylon, and have settled at Cyzicus. The first and third books are referred to by Athenaeus.[4] The time at which Agathocles lived is unknown, and his work is now lost; but it seems to have been extensively read in antiquity, as it is referred to by Cicero,[5] Pliny,[6] and other ancient writers. Agathocles also spoke of the origin of Rome.[7][8] The scholiast on Apollonius[9] cites Memoirs (ὑπομνήματα) by an Agathocles, who is usually supposed to be the same as the above-mentioned one.[10][11][12]

There are several other writers of the same name, whose works are lost to us but are mentioned by later writers:

  • Agathocles of Atrax, who wrote a work on fishing.[13]
  • Agathocles of Chios, who wrote a work on agriculture.[14][15]
  • Agathocles of Miletus, who wrote a work on rivers.[16]
  • Agathocles of Samos, who wrote a work on the constitution of Pessinus.[17]


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