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In television, an aftershow or after-show is a talk show discussing one of the same channel's other television programs, and broadcast just after it.


The aftershow format originated in the mid-2000s with MTV (Canada)'s The After Show, and was initially conceived to accompany unscripted programs such as reality television to fit Canadian license requirements. In the 2010s, U.S. entertainment channels began to add aftershows to their most popular scripted series, up to a point at which the New York Post wrote of the format having achieved a "saturation point" in 2016.[1]

An aftershow's typical format, pioneered by AMC's Talking Dead in 2011, is two or more people discussing a just-aired episode. This is sometimes accompanied by bonus material from the series, or special guests such as actors or creative staff.[2] TV channels see aftershows as an affordable way to provide more content for avid fans of popular series, and as a venue for interacting with fans directly. They are also important to channels as a means to keep viewers tuned in after a program has aired.[2]

Notable aftershowsEdit

Title Program(s) discussed First aired Last aired Channel Notes
The After Show Various reality series 2010 MTV
Thronecast Game of Thrones 2011 ongoing Sky Atlantic
Talking Dead[3] The Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead
2011 ongoing AMC Began with season 2 for both series
Talking Bad[4] Breaking Bad 2013 2013 AMC Only for final eight episodes of the series
Anarchy Afterword[5] Sons of Anarchy 2013 2014 FX Online web series; for seasons 6 and 7
Rebels Recon Star Wars Rebels 2014 2018 Disney XD Online web series for entire show
After the Black[6][7] Orphan Black 2015 2017 Space / BBC America Began with season 3
Talking Saul[8] Better Call Saul 2016 ongoing AMC Began with season 2; only for premiere and finale episodes
After the Thrones[9] Game of Thrones 2016 2016 HBO For season 6 only
Talking Preacher[10] Preacher 2016 ongoing AMC Only for premiere and finale episodes
Hacking Robot[11] Mr. Robot 2016 ongoing USA Network Began with season 2; only for premiere and finale episodes
Mr. Robot Digital After Show[12] Mr. Robot 2016 ongoing The Verge / USA Network Began with season 2; online only
Raw Talk Monday Night Raw 2016 ongoing WWE Network
WWE Talking Smack WWE SmackDown Live 2016 ongoing WWE Network
After Trek Star Trek: Discovery 2017 ongoing CBS All Access
Beyond the Reasons 13 Reasons Why 2017 ongoing Netflix
Beyond Stranger Things[13] Stranger Things 2017 ongoing Netflix Began with season 2


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