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Afshin (Persian: افشین‎ / Afšīn; Turkish: Afşın/Afşin)[b] is a common Persian, Turkish and Urdu given name, which is a modern Persian word derived from Avestan. Afshin was used by the Sogdians.[1] Historically, it was the princely title of the rulers of Osrushana at the time of the Muslim conquest.[2] The Afshins of Osrushana were an Iranian principality in Central Asia of whom the later Abbasid general Khaydhar ibn Kawus al-Afshin is the most famous.

Language(s)Middle Persian
Other names
Variant form(s)Afšīn, Afšin, Afşin/Afşın, Afshiin, Afsheen[a]


Afšīn is the Arabicized form of the Middle Persian Pišīn, which traces back to the Avestan Pisinah. In pre-Islamic Iranian tradition, it is the name of a grandson of Kayānid king Kavād (Yt. 13.132, 19.71). In the Islamic period, it is found as a proper name attested by Armenian historians in the form Ōšin (from Awšin).[3]



  • Afşin, a town in the Kahramanmaraş Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey


  1. ^ Anglicization of original name.
  2. ^ "Afşin" is based on pronunciation of the original. "Afşın" follows vowel harmony, however.


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