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The African Volleyball Confederation (French: Confédération Africaine de Volleyball, or CAVB) is the continental governing body for the sport of volleyball in Africa. Its headquarters are located in Cairo, Egypt.

African Volleyball Confederation
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TypeSports organization
HeadquartersCairo, Egypt
53 nations
Egypt Amr El Wani



The CAVB was the last confederation to be created: it was established in 1972, when the FIVB turned its five Volleyball Zone Commissions into continental confederations. The African Volleyball Commission had been founded in 1967.

Although the national federation of Egypt was involved in the founding of the FIVB in 1947, the sport of volleyball remains essentially amateur in Africa, even in countries which maintain consistent Olympic programmes, such as South Africa or Kenya. There has been considerable effort by the international federation to increase competitivity in the continent through special development actions. The results of these measures are, As of 2005, still timid.

The CAVB's headquarters are located in Cairo, Egypt.

The CAVB is responsible for national volleyball federations located in Africa and organizes continental competitions such as the African Volleyball Championship (first edition, 1967). It also takes part in the organization of qualification tournaments for major events such as the Olympic Games or the men's and women's World Championships, and of international competitions hosted by one of its affiliated federations.


As of 2004, no African team has ever been able to obtain impressive results in international competitions, neither in women's nor in men's events. It could be argued that Egypt has some tradition in the sport, since it is the oldest of all the national federations affiliated to the CAVB.

Judging from participation in international events, which is usually granted through continental qualification procedures, one may attribute predominance in the continent to the teams of Egypt and Tunisia, in men's, & Kenya, Egypt and Tunisia, in women's volleyball.

Affiliated federationsEdit

As of 2018, the following 53 national federations were affiliated to the CAVB that was divided to 5 subregions and 7 zones[1].

Code Country Federation Zone
Northern Africa
ALG   Algeria Algerian Volleyball Federation 1
EGY   Egypt Egyptian Volleyball Federation 5
LBA   Libya Libyan Volleyball Federation 1
MAR   Morocco Moroccan Royal Volleyball Federation 1
SUD   Sudan Sudan Volleyball Association 5
TUN   Tunisia Tunisian Volleyball Federation 1
Western Africa
BEN   Benin Fédération Beninoise de Volley-Ball 3
BUR   Burkina Faso Federation Burkinabe de Volley-Ball 3
CPV   Cape Verde Federação Cabo-Verdiana de Voleibol 2
GAM   Gambia Gambia Volleyball Association 2
GBS   Guinea-Bissau Federação de Voleibol da Guine-Bissau 2
GHA   Ghana Ghana Volleyball Association 3
GUI   Guinea Fédération Guineenne de Volley-Ball 3
CIV   Ivory Coast Fédération Ivoirienne de Volley-Ball 3
LBR   Liberia Liberia Volleyball Federation 3
MLI   Mali Fédération Malienne de Volleyball 2
MTN   Mauritania Fédération Mauritanienne de Volley-Ball 2
NGR   Nigeria Nigerian Volleyball Federation 3
NIG   Niger Fédération Nigerienne de Volley-Ball 3
SEN   Senegal Fédération Senegalaise De Volley-Ball 2
SLE   Sierra Leone Fédération de Volleyball de la Sierra Leone 2
TOG   Togo Fédération Togolaise de Volley-Ball 3
Cenral Africa
CAF   Central African Republic Federation Centrafricaine de Volleyball 4
CGO   Republic of the Congo Fédération Congolaise de Volley-Ball 4
CHA   Chad Fédération Tchadienne de Volley-Ball 4
CMR   Cameroon Fédération Camerounaise De Volley-Ball 4
COD   Democratic Republic of the Congo Fédération de Volley-Ball du Congo 4
GAB   Gabon Federation Gabonaise de Volley-Ball 4
GEQ   Equatorial Guinea Federación Ecuatoguineana de Voleibol 4
STP   São Tomé and Príncipe Federação Santomense de Voleibol 4
Eastern Africa
BDI   Burundi Fédération Burundaise de Volleyball 4
COM   Comoros Fédération Comorienne de Volley-Ball 7
DJI   Djibouti Fédération Djiboutienne de Volley-Ball 5
ERT   Eritrea Eritrean National Volleyball Federation 5
ETH   Ethiopia Ethiopian Volleyball Federation 5
KEN   Kenya Kenya Volleyball Federation 5
MAD   Madagascar Fédération Malagasy de Volleyball 7
MAW   Malawi Volleyball Association Of Malawi 6
MOZ   Mozambique Federação Moçambicana de Voleibol 6
MRI   Mauritius Mauritius Volleyball Association 7
RWA   Rwanda Fédération Rwandaise de Volleyball 5
SEY   Seychelles Seychelles Volleyball Federation 7
SOM   Somalia Xirrirka Kubadda Laliska 5
TAN   Tanzania Tanzania Volleyball Association 5
UGA   Uganda Uganda Volleyball Federation 5
ZAM   Zambia Zambia Volleyball Association 6
ZIM   Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Volleyball Association 6
Southern Africa
ANG   Angola Federação Angolana de Voleibol 6
BOT   Botswana Botswana Volleyball Federation 6
SWZ   Eswatini Eswatini National Volleyball Association 6
LES   Lesotho Lesotho National Volleyball Association 6
NAM   Namibia Namibian Volleyball Federation 6
RSA   South Africa Volleyball South Africa 6



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