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Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Diaspora Feature

The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Diaspora Feature is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to reward the best feature films by non-Africans for the year. It was introduced in the 2011 ceremony.[1]

Best Diaspora Feature
Year Film Director Result
2011 Suicide Dolls Keith Shaw Won
Tested Russell Costanzo Nominated
Nothing Less Wayne Saunders Nominated
The Village Wayne Saunders Nominated
2012 Toussaint Louverture Won
Ghett'a Life Nominated
High Chicago Nominated
Elza Nominated
Better Mus' Come Nominated
Kinyanrwanda Nominated
2013 Stones in the Sun Won
Against The Grain Nominated
Between Friends Nominated
2014 Kingston Paradise Won
Tula the Revolt Nominated
AZU Nominated
Retrieval Nominated
2015 Supremacy Won
Cru Nominated
Under the Starry Sky Nominated


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