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Aeroplane (formerly Aeroplane Monthly) is a British magazine devoted to aviation, with a focus on aviation history and preservation. Issue 1 of Aeroplane Monthly was published in May 1973 at a cover price of 30p,[1] in association with Flight International, by IPC Media. The founder was Richard T. Riding (1942-2019), whose father, E.J. Riding, had been photographer for the Aeroplane magazine of the 1940s.[1] The magazine is now owned by Key Publishing Ltd and headquartered in Stamford, Lincolnshire.[1]

Aeroplane Magazine
Aeroplane Monthly Issue 1.png
Issue 1 of Aeroplane Monthly, published in May 1973, featuring the last airworthy de Havilland Mosquito.
FounderRichard T. Riding
First issueMay 1973
CompanyKey Publishing
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inStamford, Lincolnshire

The magazine is the successor to an earlier, weekly publication called The Aeroplane, founded in 1911.[2]


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