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Aeronautical operational control

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Aeronautical operational control (AOC) is a group or the entirety of applications used for communication of an aircraft with its airline or service partners on the ground. An AOC application was traditionally hosted on an ACARS MU or CMU.

AOC Communication required for the exercise of authority over the initiation, continuation, diversion or termination of flight for safety, regularity and efficiency reasons. COMPREHENSIVE AERONAUTICAL TELECOM NETWORK (ATN) MANUAL 1ST EDITION - 2000 (DOC 9739) - ENGLISH - PRINTED. This document contains guidance material on various technical aspects and functions of the aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN). The material aims to facilitate the understanding of detailed technical provisions that are contained in the Manual of Technical Provisions for the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) (Doc 9705), and thus to assist in the planning and implementation of the ATN.

AOC were often user-defined, because they were only exchanged between an airline and its own aircraft; controlling both ends, there was no need for standardization.

However, by introducing airframe-defined ACARS messages (e.g. the Airbus A380) and because of the increasing need to connect airline handling partners such as fuel suppliers or de-icing companies, a need to standardize appeared. In 2007, ARINC 633 [1] was created developed to standardize these AOC messages.

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