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AeroGear is an open-source, Red Hat project that brings security and development expertise to cross-platform enterprise mobile development. It is a coding platform that simplifies mobile development and cross-platform infrastructure setup. AeroGear is a user-driven platform which uses various chatting platforms to create community-driven code.



AeroGear was founded in 2012 as a JBoss project, appealing to coders and programmers around the world. In November 2012, it released its first project, the AeroGear 1.0.0.M6 for the iOS which “lays down the foundation for data synchronization and security”.[1] The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 1.1.0 was released on Nov 5th, 2015.[2] AeroGear Mobile Services 1.0.0 was released on Jul 4th, 2018.[3]

Coding Principles and ObjectivesEdit

AeroGear is a project that provide support to mobile developers who are working with traditional Java EE backends through iOS and Android libraries as well as JavaScript.

As one of the founders, Matthias Wettendorf, explained to Jax magazine, “If folks are running existing traditional Java EE backends, mainly JAX-RS backends, and they want to get a mobile view [version] on top of that one without dealing with all the nasty details of jQuery and whatnot, AeroGear is a good project to look at . . . [T]he project itself is working on delivering abstraction layers to get a convenient access from each platforms, like native iOS, Android or JavaScript – for REST communication, security, data management, synchronisation, etcetera.”[4]

AeroGear offers an open platform for coders who can be assigned projects based on preferences. It is based on an unified Application Program Interface (API) which offers a pipeline for languages such as Android, iOS, and Javascript.[5] The AeroGear programming community keeps in contact through the #aerogear channel on

In 2018, AeroGear moved focus to provide services on OpenShift, for example, push notifications and authentication.


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