Aeneas MacKenzie, or Æneas MacKenzie (August 15, 1889 in Stornoway, Scotland – June 2, 1962 in Los Angeles), was a Scottish-American screenwriter. MacKenzie wrote many notable Hollywood films, including: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939), They Died with Their Boots On (1941), Ivanhoe (1952), and The Ten Commandments (1956).


Maackenzie came from England to work on a film of East Lynne.[1]

In January 1938 he was under contract to Warner Bros to write what would become Juarez.[2] In February 1939 he was working on a biopic of John Paul Jones for James Cagney.[3] He also wrote a biopic of Disraeli for Claude Rains.[4] Neither were made but by July 1940 he was working on a biopic of George Custer which became They Died with Their Boots On.[5] MacKenzie wrote The Widow of Devil's Island for Bette Davis.[6] In March 1942 he was working on a movie about Sing Sing prison.[7]

In October 1943 RKO announced they would make a film from his original story, The Spanish Main.[8]

In July 1946 he wrote a script of Ivanhoe for Paramount.[9] The project was postponed due to the Palestine Cris and instead MacKenzie was assigned to do a biopic on Ludwig II for producer Robert Fellows.[10] A year later his Ivanhoe script was sold to RKO.[11] They sold it to MGM who successfully filmed it several years later.

He worked on the script for The Black Book (1949).

In January 1950 he sold a script to Douglas Fairbanks Jr which became Against All Flags.[12] Several months later MacKenzie sold this story to Universal who hired him to write the script.[13] Also at Universal he did The Prince Who Was a Thief.[14]

MacKenzie later headed the script team on The Ten Commandments.[15]

In July 1957 he was writing Peter and Catherine about Russia in the 18th century for Ross Hunter at Universal.[16]

In late 1958 MacKenzie was reported as working on a biopic of William the Conqueror for Evyan Perfumes.[17][18]



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