The Adycha (Russian: Адыча; Yakut: Адыаччы) is a river in the Republic of Sakha in Russia. It is a right hand tributary of the Yana, and is 715 kilometres (444 mi) long, with a drainage basin of 89,800 square kilometres (34,700 sq mi).[1]

Yana river.png
Basin of the Yana.
Native nameАдыаччы
CountryYakutia, Russia
Physical characteristics
 • locationChersky Range
 • coordinates65°35′36″N 140°11′2″E / 65.59333°N 140.18389°E / 65.59333; 140.18389
 • elevation1,900 m (6,200 ft)
 • coordinates
68°12′48″N 134°46′13″E / 68.2132°N 134.7703°E / 68.2132; 134.7703Coordinates: 68°12′48″N 134°46′13″E / 68.2132°N 134.7703°E / 68.2132; 134.7703
 • elevation
108 m (354 ft)
Length715 km (444 mi)
Basin size89,800 km2 (34,700 sq mi)
 • average512 m3/s (18,100 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionYanaLaptev Sea

At the end of the Soviet period, a big dam with a hydroelectric station was planned to be built on the river, but following perestroika and economic difficulties in the country the project was given up.


The river begins in the western flank of the Chersky Range at an elevation of 1,900 metres (6,200 ft). It heads roughly north and northwest across a wide river valley where taiga and forest tundra predominate, bending around the northern end of the Tirekhtyakh Range. Finally, after flowing across the western end of the Kisilyakh Range, it joins river Yana from the right about 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the north of Batagay and roughly 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the south of the confluence with the Oldzho. The river is also known as "Borong" (Russian: Боронг) in a section of its upper course.[2]

River Adycha freezes in October and is under thick ice until the end of May. For about 4½ months it is frozen to the bottom. Part of the river is navigable after the thaw.


The main tributaries of the Adycha are Delakag (Делакаг), Charky (Чаркы) and Tuostakh (Туостах) on the right; and Derbeke (Дербеке), Nelgese (Нельгесе) and Borulakh (Борулах) on the left.

Map section showing the Kisilyakh Range in the middle and part of the course of the Adycha on the left.

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