Adriel (Hebrew: עדריאל) literally עדר (flock) י (of) אל (El) was a nobleman in the ancient kingdom of Israel. The meanings "God's Helper" and "Mans Saver" have been proposed for the name.[1][2] Adriel was the son of Barzillai the Meholathite. According to 1 Samuel 18:19, Saul married his daughter Merab to Adriel.

However, 2 Samuel 21:8, in the Masoretic Text, records that Michal, another daughter of Saul "brought up" [R.V. "bare"] five sons with Adriel. This is in apparent conflict with 2 Samuel 6:23, which records that Michal was barren, and 2 Samuel 3, which indicates that Michal was married to David, not Adriel.

The claim that Michal "brought up" these five sons has been taken to mean either that she treated them as if she had been their own mother, or that for "Michal" we should read "Merab" in 2 Samuel 21:8, as in 1 Sam. 18:19.[3]

Due to that later discrepancy that states Michal as the wife of Adriel, instead of Merab as first said in 1st Samuel, many scholars believe this to be an ancient copyist's error that should have read Merab in 2 Samuel 21:8.[4]

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