Adolph VI, Count of Holstein-Schauenburg

Adolph VI, Count of Holstein-Schauenburg (1256–1315) was the ruling Count of Holstein-Pinneberg and Schaumburg from 1290 until his death. He was the third son of Gerhard I and Elisabeth of Mecklenburg and was married to Helen of Saxe-Lauenburg,[1] daughter of John I, Duke of Saxony.

Adolph VI, Count of Holstein-Schauenburg
Seal Adolf VI. (Holstein-Schauenburg) 01.jpg
Seal of Adolph VI
Noble familyHouse of Schauenburg
Spouse(s)Helen of Saxe-Lauenburg
FatherGerhard I, Count of Holstein-Itzehoe
MotherElisabeth of Mecklenburg


When Gerhard I died in 1290, his sons divided the inheritance. Adolph VI received Holstein-Pinneberg and the ancestral County of Schaumburg.[2] Adolph is considered the founder of the younger Schauenburg line; his brothers founded the Holstein-Plön and Holstein-Rendsburg lines.

In 1298, he granted a charter to the city of Gehrden.[3] In 1302, he began construction of the water castle at Bückeburg to defend the main trade route. The castle was named after a castle in the Obernkirchen area; the name was first mentioned in a document in 1304.[4]


His seal (see picture) reads: S(IGILLUM)*ADOLPHI*COMITIS*SCHOWE(N)BORCH "Seal of Adolph, Count of Schauenburg"


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Adolphus of Schauenburg, aka Adolphus VI the Elder
Born: 1256 Died: 1315
Preceded by Count of Holstein-Pinneberg and Schauenburg
Succeeded by
Adolph VII