Adolf Fredrik Church

Adolf Fredrik Church (Swedish: Adolf Fredriks kyrka) is a church in central Stockholm, Sweden, named after Adolf Frederick. It was built in 1768–1774, replacing a wooden chapel from 1674, which was dedicated to Saint Olof. It was opened on 27 November 1774.[1]

Adolf Fredrik Church
Adolf Fredriks kyrka 2011.JPG
Adolf Fredrik Church
AffiliationChurch of Sweden
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusParish church
Year consecrated1774
LocationStockholm, Sweden
Geographic coordinates59°20′16″N 18°03′37″E / 59.33778°N 18.06028°E / 59.33778; 18.06028

Its cemetery is where René Descartes was first buried in 1650, before his remains were moved to France. Inside the church a memorial to the memory of Descartes was installed by Gustav III. Other famous people buried in the church cemetery include Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was assassinated only a block from the church, Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting, physicist Carl Benedicks, and the composer Anders Eliasson.

The church is currently headed by pastor Ted Harris.

Jesus's life portrayed on a ceiling painting by Julius Kronberg

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Coordinates: 59°20′16″N 18°03′37″E / 59.33778°N 18.06028°E / 59.33778; 18.06028