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Administrative divisions of American Samoa

American Samoa is administratively divided into three districts and two "unorganized" atolls. For statistical purposes, the United States Census Bureau reckons these five places as county equivalents. Locally, the districts and unorganized atolls are subdivided into 14 counties (which are not the above county equivalents used by the Bureau) and 74 villages.[1]

Districts and Unorganized Atolls of American Samoa
American Samoa Districts.png
CategoryFederal Unit
LocationAmerican Samoa
Number3 Districts
2 Unorganized Atolls
Populations32,435 (Western District) – 0 (Rose Atoll)
Areas28.873 square miles (74.78 km2) (Western District) – 0.083 square miles (0.21 km2) (Rose Atoll)
GovernmentCounty government


Districts and countiesEdit



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