Aditya Om (born 5 October 1975) is an Indian actor and director who works predominantly in Telugu and Hindi films. He also did theatre and serials. He debuted with Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo (2002) as an actor and directed Bandook (2013). He got many best actor awards at various film festivals for his Telugu film Dahnam.[2][3]

Aditya Om
Aditya Singh[1]

(1975-10-05) 5 October 1975 (age 48)
Occupation(s)film director, producer, actor, screenwriter, lyricist
Years active2000–present
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Career edit

Aditya Om made his film debut as an actor with the Telugu-language multistarrer Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo (2002) under the stage name Aditya. One critic noted that "Aditya['s] dialogue delivery is pretty bad and he overacted in most of the scenes" while another said that "Aditya is a poor choice to play such an important role".[4][5] In his next film Dhanalakshmi, I Love You (2002), his performance was better received with a critic writing that "Aditya surprises us with his good histrionics" and another stated he "fit[s] perfectly" in his role.[6][7] Aditya Om went on to star in several Telugu films including Mee Intikoste Em Istaaru Maa Intkoste Em Testaaru (2004) and Preminchukunnam Pelliki Randi (2004).[8][9] During this time, he made his debut as a director with the silent film Mr Lonely Miss Lovely (2004).[10] He has directed and acted in critically acclaimed film Bandook (2013). In regards to his performance, a critic opined that "Actor-director Aditya Om plays his part with conviction".[11] The script of Bandook is a part of the Oscars library.[12][13][14] The Hindi feature film Maassab (2018) directed by Aditya Om has won awards at various national and international film festivals.[15][16][17]

He is actively involved in charity, social work and has adopted a village Cherupally in Telangana. He is also working for educational reforms with his organisation "Edulightment".[18][19][20][21] He has constructed a library there and has opened digital service center and given laptops and solar lights to village school and people. He is working tirelessly for educational reforms under his organisation Edulightment; welfare of Tribals in Telangana, Auto drivers in Mumbai, and is also involved in human rights associations.[22][23][24]

Aditya Om acted Hindi OTT film ' quota 'got appreciation . ' Pavithra ' another short film by Aditya Om was one of the most watched Telugu shorts of 2022. His forthcoming Hindi films are ' Bagawat ' . ' Bandi' . His directed Hindi film ' Maila '[25] was selected at NFDC recommends section of 2021 film bazaar Goa. At present Aditya Om is directing a Hindi biopic of Sant Tukaram.[26] At the end of 2022 Aditya Om started an ambulance service for his adopted villages of Cherupally and Kothapalli.[27][28][29]

Filmography edit

As an actor edit

Year Film Role Language Ref.
2002 Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo Nani Telugu [4]
Dhanalakshmi, I Love You Shyam Telugu [6]
2003 Ottu E Ammai Evaro Teliyedu Telugu
2004 Mr Lonely Miss Lovely Silent
Mee Intikoste Em Istaaru Maa Intkoste Em Testaaru Madhav Telugu [8]
Preminchukunnam Pelliki Randi Aditya Telugu [9]
2005 Bhama Kalapam Aditya Telugu
2006 Aakhiri Pagee Telugu
2007 Please Sorry Thanks Telugu
DTS Nishabdam Telugu
2007 Podarillu Telugu
2008 Veedi Jimmada Telugu [30]
2008 Salaam Hyderabad Urdu
2009 Giliginthalu Telugu
2009 Punnami Naagu Naagraj Telugu
2010 Maa Annayya Bangaram Akash Telugu [31]
2013 Bandook Bhola Kevat Hindi [11]
2015 Friend Request Hindi/Telugu [32]
2016 Vasantha Ragam Telugu
2017 The Dead End English
2017 Alif Jamal Hindi
2021 Chethilo Cheyyesi Cheppu Bava Telugu
2021 Vikram Telugu
2023 Dahanam Bharadwaj Sastry Telugu [33]
2023 Amaram Telugu
2023 Natho Nenu Telugu
2023 Yerra Gudi Telugu

As a director edit

Year Film Language Notes Ref.
2004 Mr Lonely Miss Lovely Silent
2013 Bandook Hindi also producer
2015 Dozakh in Search of Heaven Hindi/Urdu as a creative director
2016 Who Killed Rajiv? English documentary [34]
2018 Maassab Hindi
2021 Maila Hindi [35]
2023 Sant Tukaram Hindi

As a co-producer edit

References edit

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