Adilgerei Magomedtagirov

Adilgerei Magomedovich Magomedtagirov (Russian: Адильгере́й Магоме́дович Магомедтаги́ров; 1 November 1956, Gonoda, Gunibsky District – 5 June 2009, Makhachkala) was a Dagestan politician and general, who served as the interior minister of Dagestan, a Russian Republic. He was a leader in the campaign against Islamic extremists in Dagestan, often using the slogan, "Take no prisoners."[1]

Adilgerei Magomedtagirov
Born1 November 1956
Died5 June 2009(2009-06-05) (aged 52)
Cause of deathGunshot


Magomedtagirov was appointed Dagestan's interior minister in 1998.[2][3] He actively participated in the battle that occurred as a result of the attacks perpetrated by Shamil Basayev-led Chechen-dominated Islamic guerrillas against Dagestan.[2]


Three assassination attacks targeted Magomedtagirov since his appointment in 1998.[3] He survived two of these attempts. The first two assassination attempts were in Makhachkala, the capital city of Dagestan, in August 2007 and on 4 February 2007, respectively.[4]

He was shot dead on 5 June 2009, while attending a wedding at a restaurant in Makhachkala.[5] Magomedtagirov was shot by a sniper as he stepped outside the wedding to talk to his brother and a co-worker.[6] He died almost instantly from his wounds. One of his deputies, Aburazak Abubakarov, was also killed in the incident.[2] In addition, three other people, including the father of the groom, were wounded in the attack.[6]

An official of such a high rank had not been assassinated in Dagestan before.[2]

Two people, one of whom had been serving as lieutenant, were arrested and sentenced in June 2013 due to their involvement in the murder.[3] They were allegedly financed by a militant group led by Ibragim Gadzhidadayev.[3]


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