Adele of Meaux

Adele of Meaux (c. 934 – c. 982) was a French noblewoman. She was Countess of Chalon and later Countess of Anjou.

Adele of Meaux
Effigy of Adele of Meaux on her tomb
Bornc. 934
Diedc. 982
BuriedSt Aubin Abbey, Angers
Noble familyCarolingian
Spouse(s)Geoffrey I of Anjou
FatherRobert of Vermandois
MotherAdelaide-Werra de Chalon

Adele was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux and Troyes, and Adelaide de Chalon.[1][a] Adele died in 982.[2]


She married Geoffrey I of Anjou (c. 938/940 – July 21, 987). Their children were:


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