Adelaide–Mannum Road

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Adelaide–Mannum Road is a road that runs through the northern Adelaide Hills between the South Australian capital, Adelaide and Mannum on the Murray River. It is designated route A10 in the metropolitan area and B10 in rural areas, and is 79 kilometres in length. This name covers many consecutive streets and is not widely known to most drivers, as the entire allocation is still best known as by the names of its constituent parts: Northcote Terrace, North East Road, Torrens Valley Road, Randell Road and Adelaide Road. This article will deal with the entire length of the corridor for sake of completion, as well to avoid confusion between declarations.

Adelaide–Mannum Road

Northcote Terrace, North East Road, Torrens Valley Road, Randell Road, Adelaide Road

Adelaide–Mannum Road is located in South Australia
West end
West end
East end
East end
General information
Length78.7 km (49 mi)[1]
Route number(s)
  • A10 (1998–present)
  • B10 (1998–present)
  • B35 (1998–present)
  • B36 (1998–present)
Major junctions
West end Mann Road
Park Road
North Adelaide
East endAdelaide Road
Mannum, South Australia
RegionEastern Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Murray and Mallee[2]
Major suburbsKlemzig, Modbury, Houghton, Chain of Ponds, Gumeracha, Birdwood, Tungkillo, Palmer


Northcote Terrace starts at the intersection of Robe Terrace and Park Road/Mann Road in North Adelaide, about 500 metres away from the beginning of Adelaide's O-Bahn Busway, changes name to North East Road a kilometre later to become a major arterial road that travels, as its name suggests, through the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide.[3] It continues through Adelaide's north-east growth corridor, beyond it to the distinctly less-urban region of Houghton, where it meets in an intersection with the Lower North East Road, leading back to Adelaide's more easterly suburbs. Just beyond Millbrook Reservoir, the road changes name to Torrens Valley Road and continues east, then just east of Birdwood turns off to become Randell Road, continuing east until it reaches the western edges of Mannum, where it changes name for the final time to Adelaide Road.


The road was first built in the 1840s to facilitate the growth and development of the towns and settlements along its length. It played a role in the gold rush of the 1860s. Today, the area boasts many tourist and historical sites, wineries and natural attractions, although only a few towns exist as more than historical sites.

Major intersectionsEdit

WalkervilleNorth Adelaide-Medindie-Gilberton tripoint0.00.0  Mann Road (n/bound)/Park Road (s/bound) (R1 south) – AdelaideWestern terminus of road and route A10
  Robe Terrace (R1 west) – Adelaide, Port AdelaideNo right turn southbound into Robe Terrace
Walkerville Terrace (northeast) – Gilberton
Walkerville-Port Adelaide Enfield borderGilberton-Collinswood border1.00.62Nottage Terrace (west) – Prospect
Stephen Terrace (southeast) – St Peters
Name transition: Northcote Terrace (south), North East Road (northeast)
Vale Park-Manningham border2.61.6  Taunton Road (A17 northwest) – Northfield
  Ascot Avenue (A17 southeast) – Glen Osmond
Port Adelaide EnfieldGreenacres-Hampstead Gardens-Klemzig tripoint4.52.8Muller Road – Prospect, Kilkenny
Tea Tree GullyModbury-Holden Hill-Gilles Plains-Valley View quadripoint8.85.5  Grand Junction Road (A16) – Port Adelaide, Gepps Cross, Houghton
Modbury10.26.3  McIntyre Road (A18) – Parafield, Paralowie
Ridgehaven-St Agnes-Tea Tree Gully tripoint14.38.9  Hancock Road (A11) – Golden Grove, Salisbury Heights
Adelaide HillsHoughton19.312.0  Lower North East Road (A16) – Port Adelaide, Gepps CrossRoute transition: A10 west, B10 east
Millbrook-Chain of Ponds border27.116.8  Tippett Road (B31 north) – Campbelltown, CastambulConcurrency of routes B10 and B31
Chain of Ponds27.517.1  South Para Road (B31 south) – Williamstown, Lyndoch
Chain of Ponds-Cudlee Creek-Gumeracha tripoint29.918.6Gorge Road – Cudlee CreekName transition: North East Road (west), Torrens Valley Road (east)
Birdwood40.024.9  Warren Road (B34 north) – Mount Crawford, WilliamstownConcurrency of routes B10 and B34
41.826.0  Onkaparinga Valley Road (B34 south) – Mount Torrens, Bridgewater
Adelaide Hills-Barossa borderBirdwood-Mount Pleasant border46.228.7  Torrens Valley Road (B10 northeast) – Mount Pleasant, NuriooptaName transition: Torrens Valley Road (southwest), Randell Road (east)
Route transition: B10 (southwest), unallocated (east)
Mid MurrayTungkillo51.632.1  Tungkillo Road (B35 north) – Mount Pleasant, Mount CrawfordRoute transition: unallocated (west), B35 (east)
Palmer63.139.2  Reedy Creek Road (B35 south) – Murray BridgeRoute transition: B35 (south), B36 (east)
Mannum75.747.0Ridley Road (north) – Angas Valley, Sedan
  Mannum Road (B36 south) – Murray Bridge
Name transition: Randell Road (west), Adelaide Road (east)
Route transition: B36 (south), unallocated (east)
78.748.9Randell Street – MannumEastern terminus of road


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