Adela Ringuelet

Adela E. Ringuelet (born 27 March 1930) is an Argentinean astrophysicist and astronomer at the Félix Aguilar Observatory in Argentina.[1][2]

Adela Ringuelet in November 2005.

She is a co-founder of the Argentinian Astronomical Association (Spanish: Asociación Argentina de Astronomía) and an active member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), where she has been affiliated with several of its commissions. As of 2017, she is a member of IAU's Division G, "Stars and Stellar Physics". Her research includes more than 100 publications in the field of stellar spectroscopy.[1][2]

Born in La Plata, Argentina, she studied astronomy at the Escuela Superior de Astronomía y Geofísica with her fellow students Nora Schreiber and Elsa Guttierez. In 1958, she began working at the Félix Aguilar Observatory. She was married[citation needed] to prominent Argentinean astrophysicist Jorge Sahade (1915–2012), a director of the La Plata and Cordoba Observatories and former president of the IAU, with whom she published on stellar spectroscopy.[3][4]

The main-belt asteroid 5793 Ringuelet, discovered by the staff of the Félix Aguilar Observatory at El Leoncito in 1975, was named in her honor.[1] Naming citation was published on 26 September 2007 (M.P.C. 60727).[5]

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  • 2605 Sahade, main-belt asteroid named after Jorge Sahade


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