Adapazarı railway station

Adapazarı station is the main terminal railway station in the city of Adapazarı. It is the eastern terminus of the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Regional, the most heavily used rail service line in Turkey and second most in service frequency. The station is located directly in the city center. The other two stations serving Adapazarı are Mithatpaşa railway station, located in southwestern Adapazarı and Arifye railway station, located in Adapazarı's southern suburb. The station is situated on the north end of the Adapazarı Branch, which connects to the Istanbul––Ankara Main Line at Arifye.

Adapazari gari 2004.jpg
The station building in 2004.
LocationGar meydanı, 54100 Semerciler, Sakarya
Coordinates40°27′47″N 30°14′24″E / 40.462961°N 30.240040°E / 40.462961; 30.240040Coordinates: 40°27′47″N 30°14′24″E / 40.462961°N 30.240040°E / 40.462961; 30.240040
Owned byTurkish State Railways
ParkingLocated next to the station's plaza
Closed2012-13, 12 December 2016
Preceding station   Turkish State Railways   Following station
toward Pendik
Ada ExpressTerminus
Former services
Preceding station   Turkish State Railways   Following station
toward Istanbul
Adapazarı ExpressTerminus
Preceding station   Adaray   Following station
toward Arifiye

The station was opened on November, 1899 by the Anatolian Railway (CFOA). The railway intended to continue to the railway to Bolu and then Ankara, but this never happened and the station became a terminal. In 1969, the line was electrified and new improved regional service was added to İstanbul. On February 1, 2012, the station temporarily closed down due to the construction of the İstanbul-Ankara high-speed railway, however a project that if approved will lead to the abandonment of the station in favor of building a new station in Arifye, which is 8.13 km (5.05 mi) southwest of the city center.

The station is used for storing rail cars, but currently it's the main station for Ada Express since 2019.[1]


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