Adams & Co. (Boston)

Adams & Co. (c.1860s-1880s) was a publishing firm in Boston, Massachusetts, in the mid-19th century. It specialized in spiritualist authors such as Hudson Tuttle[1] and parlour games such as "Oliver Twist." John S. Adams ran the business, along with George L. Stafford.[2][3] It operated from offices on Bromfield Street (c.1867-1873), Pearl Street (c.1875) and Tremont Street (c.1880).[4][5]


Games and noveltiesEdit

Some of the "games and novelties" issued and/or sold by the firm:[7][8][9]

Published by Adams & Co.Edit

1871 advertisement for Psalms of Life by John Stowell Adams (1823-1893), published by Adams & Co.[14]
  • How to play croquêt. 1865.
  • Thayer (1865). A Youth's History of the Rebellion: from the capture of Roanoke Island to the Battle of Murfreesboro.
  • Harriet A. Adams (1866), Branches of Palm, OCLC 13081230, OL 17512856M
  • T.E.A. (1866), Waterfalls and Frizzes (song)
  • L.H. Gurney (1866), Love Never Sleeps: a new and beautiful song with piano-forte accompaniment
  • Walter Kittredge (1866), Life's Cares
  • More than One hundred Things Worth Knowing; We would suggest that this book be placed where it can be readily found, as it will prove useful nearly every day, and an occasion may occur when by reference to it you will avoid many dollars of expense, relieve much suffering: add to your own comfort, or, perhaps, save a life, c. 1866
  • George Edward Clark (1867), Seven Years of a Sailor's Life, OL 14041883M
  • Mrs. H.A. Adams (1868), Dawn, OCLC 5852142, OL 6964239M
  • Lizzie Doten (1868), The Inner Mystery: an inspirational poem
  • William Bull Wright (1868), Highland Rambles, OL 24388466M
  • Hudson Tuttle (1869), The Career of the God-Idea in History, OL 13998747M
  • S.H. Morse, ed. (c. 1860s), The Radical, A religious magazine
  • Holiday Journal of parlor plays, magic sports, fireside games, pleasing experiments, practical jokes, queer problems, puzzles, riddles, charades, rebusses, enigmas, anagrams, transpositions, conundrums, &c., 1870
  • The Lyceum Guide: a collection of songs, hymns, and chants, lessons, readings, and recitations, marches and calisthenics (with illustrations) together with programmes and exercises for special occasions, 1870[15]
  • Abraham P. Pierce (1870). The Revelator: being an account of the twenty-one days' entrancement of Abraham P. Pierce, spirit-medium, at Belfast, Maine: together with a sketch of his life.
  • Hudson Tuttle (1871), Arcana of Spiritualism, OL 24616133M
  • Christmas Bells: An illustrated holiday journal, 1870s
  • Sports and Games (magazine), 1870s


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