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Adamo Davide Romano (Maledizioni)

Adamo Davide Romano (Artist name, Maledizioni) is an Italian author and artist. Adamo is from Torre Annunziata, Campania and started with creating a Facebook page titled 'Io ti Maledico' (I curse you). The concept was taken further and adapted by Panini Comics into a book titled Maledizionario ( ISBN 9788891220981).[1][2] Adamo has been a part of many Comicons.[3][4][5]

Early Life and CareerEdit

Adamo started with managing social media pages of various companies. With this, he started creating his own content and Facebook pages and found some success before the launch of Io ti Maledico as well. With his partner Alessandro Gargiulo, Adamo developed other fan pages like Quel che non sapev and fockemon with around 90 Million fans. He later launched merchandising like tshirts, phone covers etc of the successful brands like that of Io ti Maledico.[6][7]