Adam Ludwik Czartoryski

Prince Adam Ludwik Czartoryski (5 November 1872 – 29 June 1937) was a Polish nobleman, landowner, and patron of the arts.

Adam Ludwik Czartoryski
Adam Ludwik Czartoryski circa 1915.jpg
Coat of armsCzartoryski coat of arms
Born5 November 1872
France Paris, France
Died29 June 1937(1937-06-29) (aged 64)
Poland Warsaw, Poland
Noble familyCzartoryski
Spouse(s)Countess Maria Ludwika Krasińska
FatherPrince Władysław Czartoryski
MotherPrincess Marguerite of Orléans


Adam Ludwik was born in 1872. He became the head of the Czartoryski family after the death of his father Prince Władysław Czartoryski in 1894. In 1897 he became Ordynat of the Sieniawa Ordynacja property. Capital assets were estimated at 4.5 million Austrian Crowns, which did not include the Family Collections. In 1899 Izabela Działyńska, his aunt, left the Goluchów estates to him and his brother Witold. In the same year Ludwik acquired many Greek objects during his travel to Japan.

In 1901 he married Countess Maria Ludwika Krasińska. His young wife took over the direction of affairs with tremendous determination, being a great heiress in her own right.

In 1911 his brother Witold died and left Adam Czartoryski all his inheritance.

In 1914 Czartoryski served in the Austrian Army, and his wife Maria Ludwika took over the Czartoryski Museum. During the First World War, thanks to family connections to the King of Saxony, she sent the most valuable objects over to Dresden.

After the war, there was some difficulty retrieving the objects because of concern about unrest in Poland, but two years of negotiation, along with the 1919 Treaty of Riga which provided for the return of looted items, helped in reassembling the collection, a process which continued for the next several years. During this time the Hotel Lambert, their property in Paris, was transformed into apartments as the family had settled permanently in Poland.

On 26 June 1937, Prince Adam Ludwik died and was buried at the family crypt in Sieniawa.