Adam Helfant

Adam Helfant is a former Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) executive chairman and president who succeeded Etienne de Villiers in 2009.[1] Helfant is an MIT and Harvard Law graduate. He spent 12 years with Nike as a senior executive and three years with the National Hockey League as an attorney.[1]

Helfant left the ATP at the end of 2011. He denied that he asked for more money, insisting that he was offered a long-term contract when his initial three-year deal was expiring and that he turned the offer down for personal reasons. Helfant left the ATP with in a strong financial position. He had tried to increase the amount of rest the players got.[2][3] In November 2011 Helfant stated that he had boosted the ATP's commercial revenue by 80% and that the company's reserves had increased by more than 1,400%.[4]

In 2012, with Chris Bevilacqua, Helfant started a sports and media advisory company called Bevilacqua Helfant Ventures.[5]

Helfant's niece Grace McDonnell was one of the victims of the Newtown Tragedy.[6]


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