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Adam Herbert Dickey (June 26, 1864 - February 8, 1925), best known as Adam H. Dickey was a Christian Scientist and private secretary to Mary Baker Eddy.

Adam Herbert Dickey
Adam H. Dickey 1913.png
BornJune 26, 1864
DiedFebruary 8, 1925
OccupationChristian Scientist, private secretary



Dickey was born in Toronto, Canada.[1] He was a Methodist but converted to Christian Science in the early 1880s.[2]

He was private secretary to Mary Baker Eddy during the last three years of her life.[3] On August 25, 1908 Eddy asked Dickey "will you promise me that you will write a history of what has transpired in your experiences with me, and say that I was mentally murdered?".[4] Dickey kept his promise and authored Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy, which documents her battle against "malicious animal magnetism". He reported that in her last years, Eddy turned her house into a mental fortress. She employed loyal mental watchers to try and counteract her enemies evil thoughts.[3]

Eddy made Dickey a director of the Mother Church on November 21, 1910.[5] This was her last official communication to any of her Church officers.[6]

Dickey's Memoirs was published posthumously with the permission of his widow Lillian S. Dickey in 1927.[7] It was suppressed by the Mother Church.[8] According to historian R. Laurence Moore "Christian Science officials, eager to be rid of their association with demonology after Eddy's death, suppressed Dickey's book, and it is not easy now to find a copy. However, the story that it tells is consistent with everything one knows about Eddy's final years."[3]


  • God's Law of Adjustment (1916)
  • Possession (1917)
  • Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy (1927)


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