Adam Blatner

Adam Blatner (born Howard Blatner, 5 August 1937 in Los Angeles, CA) is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, doubly Board Certified in Child/Adult Psychiatry), a Certified Trainer of Psychodrama and a psychology theorist. He is the author of the book Acting In, first published in 1973, which became the primary textbook for students of Psychodrama. He also wrote a number of other books and dozens of journal articles and chapters in textbooks, including the book (with his wife Allee Blatner) The Art of Play (see Publications, below).

Blatner has written papers and presented talks on a wide range of subjects, including Process philosophy, Postmodernism, and Scriptology. He became close friends with philosopher Charles Hartshorne in the final years of Hartshorne's life, helping him at his home in Austin, Texas.


  • Undergraduate studies at University of California, Berkeley; awarded Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Medical school: University of California San Francisco campus, graduated in 1963
  • Psychiatric residency at Stanford University Medical Center


Acting-In: Practical Applications of Psychodramatic Methods, 3rd Edition. New York: Springer. 218 pages. (3rd ed. 1996, 2nd ed. 1988, 1st ed., 1973). Also published in Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, and Chinese.

Foundations of Psychodrama: History, Theory, and Practice (4th ed. 2000). New York: Springer, 2000, 320 pp. Also in Portuguese, Korean, Finnish, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish and Chinese.

The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity. co-authored with Allee Blatner (2nd ed. 1997) New York: Brunner/Routledge-Taylor & Francis.

Interactive and Improvisational Drama: Varieties of Applied Theatre and Performance. (February, 2007).


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