Adalberto the Margrave

Adalberto the Margrave, also known as "il Margravio" or "Adalberto III" (10th century – 951?) was an Italian nobleman tied with the Obertenghi family and a well-known ancestor to the Malaspina family.[1]

Biography and family tiesEdit

Adalberto was elevated to the nobiliary title of "Visconte" in 940 and was given the name of Adalberto III. He also possessed the title of "marchese d'Italia" (Italian Marquise), and ruled over the marquisate of Milan[2] which included most of modern-day Lombardy and half of modern-day Ligury. He was the first born son of Guido di Toscana[3], Count and Duke of Lucca, and at a later time Marquise of Tuscany from 915 to 929. He was also the ancestor to the British royal family.

Adalberto is considered to be the forefather of the Obertenghi family, and the junior branch the Miagro family of Liguria also called Miagro dei Oberthenghi, one of the most influential noble families of the Italian middle ages that shared very close ties to the families of Pallavicini and Malaspina. Either this page is incorrect or the link to Guido di Toscana is incorrect. The Guido reference clearly states "None of his children survived him and when he died in 928 or 929" yet Adalberto was elevated to the nobiliary title of "Visconte" in 940. [4]


  • Oberto I (?-975), Marquise of Milan from 951, he later became palatine count in 953 as well as the count of Luni, Genoa and Tortona.
  • Ambroso (?-988), he was the bishop of Aléria in Corsica


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