Act of Murder (film)

Act of Murder is a 1964 British crime drama film, directed by Alan Bridges.[1] One of the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series, it was Bridges' first film as director.[2]

Act of Murder
Act of Murder poster.jpg
Directed byAlan Bridges
Produced byJack Greenwood
Written byLewis Davidson
StarringAnthony Bate
John Carson
Justine Lord
Music byBernard Ebbinghouse
CinematographyJames Wilson
Edited byDerek Holding
Release date
Running time
62 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


An actor, Tim Ford, tries to persuade an ex-actress, Anne Longman, to return to the stage. Her husband, Ralph, suspects that Ford's motives are more than just professional.[3]


Critical receptionEdit

Film historians Steve Chibnall and Brian McFarlane said that on its release in the United Kingdom, the film "received pretty well uniformly positive reviews", especially for the directorial debut of Alan Bridges.[3] The reviewer "T.M." in the Monthly Film Bulletin declared the film an "uncommonly intelligent little thriller", but noted that it was "just the sort of film which is likely to arouse critical sneers for reaching too high on a low budget."[4] The reviewer added, "Long, languid close-ups a la Antonioni convey the dreamy sensuousness of the wife, the introspective quality which makes her react so strongly to the bizarre situation; abrupt cuts within speeches, from character to character, suggest very precisely the tensions that underlie the relations between husband, wife and lover right from the start."[4]

Chibnall and McFarlane selected Act of Murder as one of the 15 most meritorious British B films made between World War II and 1970. They noted that "it picks its way through a web of obliquely suggested jealousy and a scam involving convincingly improbable frauds".[3]


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