Acolnahuacatl (also Aculnahuacatl, Acolnahuacatzin) was a king of the Tepanec city of Azcapotzalco. He was likely a son of the king Xiuhtlatonac.

King of Azcapotzalco
Glifo azcapotzalco siglo xvii.JPG
17th century glyph to denote Azcapotzalco
For a god of the underworld, see Acolnahuacatl (deity); for a ruler of Tlacopan, see Aculnahuacatl Tzaqualcatl; and for a brother of Moctezuma II, see Tezozomoctli Acolnahuacatl.

He married princess Cuetlaxochitzin, daughter of king Xolotl. Their son was the famous king Tezozomoc.[1]

According to the historian Chimalpain, Acolnahuacatl ruled from 1302 to 1366 and Tezozomoc from 1367 to 1426. Some contemporary historians placed Acolnahuacatl's death and Tezozómoc's rise in 1371.[2]

Acolnahuacatl was a grandfather to Tayatzin, Maxtla, Xiuhcanahualtzin and Ayauhcihuatl.


  1. ^ In the García Granados Codex the Azcapotzalco blood line is outlined (without dates) in the following order: Maxtlacozcatl (Matlacohuatl), Chiconquiauitl, Tezcapoctli, Tehuehuactzin, Micacalcatl, Xiuhtlatonac, Acolnahuacatl and Tezozomoc; the Tlatelolco annals provide another list in which the first three and the two last names appear but misses the other three; the advantage of the second list is that these are the proposed dates in the article.
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