Aco Šopov (Macedonian: Ацо Шопов [ˈat͡sɔ ˈʃɔpɔf]; 1923 in Štip – 1982 in Skopje) was a Macedonian poet. He was considered one of the most important poets of Yugoslavia.[1] He took part in World War II in Yugoslavia (1941–45) and his poems written at the time were published as Pesni (Poems) in Belgrade and Kumanovo in 1944, and in Štip the following year. Pesni was the first poetry collection published in the Macedonian language in SR Macedonia after the war.

Aco Sopov
Aco Šopov
Ацо Шопов
A portrait of Aco Šopov
A portrait of Aco Šopov
BornАлександар Шопов
(1923-12-20)December 20, 1923
Štip, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Died(1982-04-20)April 20, 1982
Skopje, SFR Yugoslavia
Occupationpoet, translator, editor, diplomat
GenreSoutheastern Europe contemporary poetry
SpouseSvetlana Šopova

Šopov was member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1967) and corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1968).

He graduated from the philosophy department of the University in Skopje and the Higher Political School in Belgrade. He was president of the Translators’ Union and the Writers’ Union of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in the 1950s and 1960s, and of the Writers’ Union of Yugoslavia from 1965 to 1969. From 1970 to 1977 he was a diplomat.[2]


Monument of Aco Šopov. Bridge of Arts, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

His childhood was haunted by the specter of incurable disease, death, sadness, and loneliness - themes that would later permeate his poetry. He referred to his youth as the "Hundred-headed monster." When he was just eleven years old, his mother, whom he had cared for alone, died prematurely of a serious illness .[3] He began writing poetry in a school notebook at the age of fourteen.

In 1943, at the age of 19, Aco Šopov became engaged in the Yugoslav Partisans' resistance to the Nazi occupying forces. He continued writing poetry during this period and found his subject matter in his own experience. He proved to be a highly personal poet even when chronicling events of a social or patriotic nature, as when describing the death of a much-loved woman and fellow partisan, Vera Jocić.

With his poetry book Stihovi na makata i radosta (Verses of Suffering and Joy), Šopov moved away from socialist realism. Because of this departure in the early 1950s, Šopov's poetry was initially criticized but came to be recognized several years later.[citation needed]

Speaking with his own voice, Šopov charted his own course in poetry,[4] without being a dissident. "The greatest challenge and the greatest moral responsibility of the poet," he said in an interview, "is to find the right words to the contents and ideas he wants to express in an authentic and inimitable way. If it fails, the poem is pulled out of its socket, the word becomes a lie."

In 1967, Aco Šopov became one of the founding members of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and was awarded with the AVNOJ in 1970.[5] The AVNOJ Prize is the highest recognition in the area of science and art in the frames of the former Yugoslavia.

Public careerEdit

In 1971, after many years of journalism and publishing, Aco Šopov was nominated as the Yugoslav Ambassador to Senegal. Šopov's time in Senegal inspired the book Poem for the black women, which won the Miladinov Brothers Prize[6] at the Struga Poetry Evenings in 1976. This international festival, held each year in the South of Macedonia, was founded in 1961 by Šopov himself with a group of Macedonian poets.

In 1975, back from Senegal, Aco Šopov was appointed as President of the Commission for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries of the Republic of Macedonia. However, just three years later, the disease foreshadowed in his poems forced him to retire from active life. Following a long illness, he died on 20 April 1982 in Skopje.


Aco Šopov's Poetry Collection in EnglishEdit

  • The Word’s Nativity/ Aco Šopov. Edited by Katica Kulavkova. Skopje: St. Clement of Ohrid National and University Library, 2011. 196 p.

Aco Šopov's poems in various anthologies in EnglishEdit

Aco Šopov's monument in Struga
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Aco Šopov's Poetry Collections in Macedonian (originals)Edit

  • Pesni (Poems). Okoliski NOMSM. 1994.
  • Pruga na mladosta (Railways of Youth)(with Slavko Janevski). Skopje. Main Board of the People’s Youth Force of Macedonia.1946.
  • Na Gramos (On Gramos). Skopje: NAPOK. 1950.
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  • Vetrot nosi ubavo vreme (Winds Bring Nice Weather). Skopje: Kočo Racin. 1957.
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  • Ragjanje na zborot (The Word’s Nativity). Skopje: Misla. 1966.
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  • Gledač vo pepelta (Reading the Ashes). Skopje: Makedonska Kniga. 1970.
  • Pesna za crnata žena (Song for the Black Woman). Skopje: Misla. 1976.
  • Drvo na ridot (A Tree on a Bare Hill). Skopje. Misla. 1980.

Aco Šopov’s Poetry Selections in MacedonianEdit

  • Pesni (Poems). Skopje: Kočo Racin. 1963.
  • Pesni (Poems). Skopje: Makedonska kniga & Detska radost. 1967.
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  • Rađanjeto na zborot (The Word’s Nativity). Edited by Katica Kulavkova. Bitola: NID MIKENA, 2008.

Aco Šopov’s Poetry Selections in other languagesEdit

  • Zlij se s tišino. Prepev Ivan Minati. Ljubljana : Državna založba Slovenije, 1957. 72 p.
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Translations in Macedonian by Aco ŠopovEdit

  • Eduard Bagricki, Pesna za Apanasa, translated by Šopov and Slavko Janevski. 1951.
  • Oton Zupančič, Ciciban. 1951.
  • I. A. Krilov, Basani. 1953.
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  • Dragutin Tadijanović, Večer nad gradot. 1966.
  • William Shakespeare, Sonnets. 1970.

Books on Aco ŠopovEdit

  • Aco Šopov (1923–1982): Festschrift presented as a memorial to Aco Šopov : a member of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.[7]
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