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Hachdeanq was a region and family in Armenia c. 400–800. It is also known as Acilisene in Greek and Latin works and ეკლეცი [eḳleci] in Georgian sources. It was a strip of land along the Upper Euphrates or Arsanias (Armenian: Արածանի) roughly corresponding to today's Erzincan Province of Turkey. Its main cities were Երզնկա (Erznka, today's Erzincan, Turkey) also known in Byzantine sources as Celtzene and Անի-Կամախ (Ani-Kamax, today's Kemah, Turkey) nearby the ancient necropolis of the Arsacid kings of Armenia. The Erznka valley, crossed by the Upper Euphrates was the location of the most important pre-Christian shrine in Armenia, dedicated to the Armenian goddess Anahit. The temple, whose site has not yet been identified, was in a settlement called Erez.

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