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Accton Technology Corporation

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Accton Technology Corporation (Public, TWSE: 2345) (Chinese: 智邦科技; pinyin: Zhìbāng Kējì) is a Taiwanese company in the electronics industry that primarily engages in the development and manufacture of networking and communication solutions[buzzword], as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or original design manufacturer (ODM) partner.

Accton Technology Corporation
Native name
Traded asTWSE: 2345
FoundedFebruary 1988; 31 years ago (1988-02)
Area served
ProductsNetwork Switches
Network Appliances
Network Access
Wireless Networking
Broadband Networking
ServicesDesign and Development
Supply Chain
RevenueIncrease US$1.394 billion[1] (2018)
Increase US$95.6 million[1] (2018)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesEdgecore Networks
SMC Networks

Accton has manufacturing plants in Taiwan (Hsinchu), China (Shenzhen) and a total workforce of more than 4400 employees worldwide.



Accton was founded on February 9, 1988. Accton filled its IPO in November 1995.[2]


1999 – Emitcom[3]
2000 – Minority stake in U.S. Robotics modem division from 3Com (with NatSteel from Singapore)[4]
2010 – Mototech[5]
2015 – SMC Networks[6]

Joint venturesEdit

2002 – Accton and SVA Group China – formed SVA Accton[7]
2003 – Accton and Philips – formed Arcadyan Technology[8]
2011 – Accton and Alvarion – formed AWB [9]


2004 – ADMTek Inc to Infineon for €80 million[10]
2006 – 69% of Arcadyan Technology to Compal for US$30 million[11]


OEM of networking gearEdit

ODM of networking gearEdit

Design and Development
Supply Chain


During the year 2009, Accton obtained approximately 69% and 14% of its total revenue from switches and WLAN products, respectively.

During the year 2017, Accton obtained approximately 68% and 12% out of its total revenue from network switches and network appliances. Network access came third with 9%, followed by 5% in Wireless networking and 1% of the revenue coming from Broadband networking gear.[12]

Total sales for 2018 increased 18.23 percent annually to NT$43.09 billion (over USD$1.3 billion) with Facebook, Amazon (company), and HP Inc weighing in.[13]

Year[14] Revenue
(in million US$)
Net income
(in million US$)
Total Assets
(in million US$)
Price per Share (in NT$ at close on
the last trading day of December)[15]
2008 633 12 368 8.41
2009 564 21 428 15.01
2010 742 31 434 19.70
2011 842 28 458 13.75
2012 868 28 436 16.15
2013 724 18 433 15.75
2014 731 21 453 16.00
2015 792 37 480 31.95
2016 940 60 560 50.90
2017 1166 82 600 106.00
2018 1379 94 716 98.60

Corporate AffairsEdit


Accton's key management personnel consists of:[16]

  • Fai-Long Kuo (Chairman)
  • Chih-Chiang Lee (President)
  • Ji-Shang Yu (Senior Vice President of Research and Development)
  • Kuo-Tai Chiou (Senior Vice President)
  • Meen-Ron Lin (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Hin-Soon Liew (Vice President of Logistics and Customer Relations)

Board of DirectorsEdit

Accton's board consists of the following directors:[16]

  • Fai-Long Kuo (Chairman at Accton, former Executive Vice President at Accton)
  • Meen-Ron Lin (Director at Accton, former Manager at Capital Securities Corporation)
  • Heng-Yi Tu (Director at Accton, Chairman of Wan Yuan Textiles, Chung Tai Transportation, and Ting Sing Co, Director of Ve Wong Corporation, SECOM, South China Insurance, and The Ambassador Hotel)
  • Kuo-Hsiu Huang (Director at Accton, President of Accton Technology China)
  • Chung Laung Liu (Independent Director at Accton, Chairman of TrendForce Corporation, director of United Microelectronics Corporation, and FarEasTone Telecommunications)
  • Chih-Ping Chang (Independent Director at Accton, CEO of CTBC Bank Anti-Drug Educational Foundation and former director of the anti-money laundering division at Ministry of Justice’s Investigation Bureau)
  • Shuh Chen (Independent Director at Accton, Chairman of Central Investment Holding Corporation and former Chairman of Taipei Exchange and Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Finance)
  • Shiou-Ling Lin (Independent Director at Accton, Director of Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Executive Director of Tong Lung Metals Co., Director of ETurboTouch, and of Counsel of Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law)
  • Chen Wei-zen (Independent Director at Accton, supreme consultant of the Formosa Plastics Corporation and former Minister of the Interior, Secretary-General of Executive Yuan, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, Administrative Deputy Minister of Transportation and Communications, and Deputy Mayor of Taipei County)


2018 – Outstanding Work Environment in Gender Equality from the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau[17]
2018 – National Quality Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Presented by President Tsai Ing-Wen)[18]

CSIRO patent issuesEdit

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) holds the patent to a component of the IEEE 802.11n standard. This component is also part of other protocols marketed under the Wi-Fi trademark. The IEEE requested from the CSIRO a Letter of Assurance that no lawsuits would be filed for anyone implementing the standard. In September 2007, CSIRO responded that they would not be able to comply with this request since litigation was involved.[19]

In April 2009, it was revealed that CSIRO reached a settlement with 14 companies including Accton plus other major technology companies —Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Intel, Dell, Toshiba, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, SMC Networks, 3Com, Buffalo Technology, Microsoft, and Nintendo — on the condition that CSIRO did not broadcast the resolution.[20][21][22]

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