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Accommodation may refer to:

  • A dwelling
  • A place for temporary lodging
  • The technique of adaptation to local cultures that the Jesuits used in their missions to spread Christianity among non-Christian peoples.
  • Reasonable accommodation, a legal doctrine protecting religious minorities or people with disabilities
  • Accommodation (religion), a theological principle linked to divine revelation within the Christian church
  • Accommodationism, a judicial interpretation with respect to Church and state issues
  • Accommodation bridge, a bridge provided to re-connect private land, separated by a new road or railway
  • Accommodation (law), a term used in US contract law
  • Accommodation (geology), the space available for sedimentation
  • Accommodation (eye), the process by which the eye increases optical power to maintain a clear image (focus) on an object as it draws near
  • Accommodation in psychology, the process by which existing mental structures and behaviors are modified to adapt to new experiences according to Jean Piaget, in the learning broader theory of Constructivism
  • Accommodations, a technique for education-related disabilities in special education services
  • Communication accommodation theory, the process by which people change their language behavior to be more or less similar to that of the people with whom they are interacting
  • Accommodation, a linguistics term meaning grammatical acceptance of unstated values as in accommodation of presuppositions
  • Biblical accommodation, the adaptation of text from the Bible to signify ideas different from those originally expressed
  • PS Accommodation, a pioneer Canadian steamboat built by John Molson

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