Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1

Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1 (ATCV-1), also called Chlorovirus ATCV-1 or Chlorella virus ATCV-1 is a species of giant double-stranded DNA virus in the genus Chlorovirus.

Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1
Virus classification e
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Varidnaviria
Kingdom: Bamfordvirae
Phylum: Nucleocytoviricota
Class: Megaviricetes
Order: Algavirales
Family: Phycodnaviridae
Genus: Chlorovirus
Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1

The host of ATCV-1 is Chlorella heliozoae; it was demonstrated that "ATCV-1 neither attaches to nor infects" Chlorella variabilis.[1][2]

Human infectionEdit

DNA from ATCV-1 has been isolated from the mucous membranes of the noses of humans. In both humans and mice, the presence of ATCV-1 on the oropharyngeal mucosa was associated with lower scores in tests of cognitive and motor skills.[3][4][5] Injection of purified algal virus ATCV-1 intracranially results in long-lasting cognitive and behavioural effects in mice via induction of inflammatory factors.[6]


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