Academy of Music (Ljubljana)

Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana (Slovene: Akademija za glasbo Univerze v Ljubljani) is the main junior conservatory in Slovenia. The school has its origin in the Music School of the Slovene Philharmonic Society (founded 1821, indirectly descended from the Ljubljana Philharmonic Academy of Johann Berthold von Höffer, 1701),[1] which became the basis of the Ljubljana Conservatory in 1919, and then the Ljubljana Academy of Music in 1939. The secondary programme became an independent institution as the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory in 1953.

Ljubljana Academy of Music

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  1. ^ Great Soviet encyclopedia: Volume 30 Aleksandr Mikhaĭlovich Prokhorov - 1982 "In the 18th and early 19th centuries Ljubljana and Zagreb became major centers of musical life. The Ljubljana Philharmonic Academy, founded in 1701, was one of the oldest such academies in Europe. The city's Philharmonic Society

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