Acacia Crest Academy is a Christian learning institution located in Kitengela, Kenya. It was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Maina, and after a year of construction, Acacia opened in 2001.[1] It is located 8 km from town. The school began with preschool to class 4 initially and as a day school. Boarding facilities were added for 5–8 students.

Acacia Crest Academy
Acacia Road


Typeday and boarding school
MottoKnowledge is Power
Religious affiliation(s)Christian
DirectorStephen Kimang'a
HeadteacherCatherine W. Maina
Age3 to 14
Colour(s)Blue and White

It is a Christian school and Christianity is the foundation of its morals. The school is a member of the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA), in which the eighth class students sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). The first KCPE was held in 2005, where the first student earned an outstanding 435 marks out of 500.



Before the couple thought of building a school in the municipality, most of Kitengela was a bushy grassland. Kitengela at that time had not become a Nairobi suburb. Rapid growth came later. It was cited as one of Kenya's fastest-growing towns. After the school opened, cofounder Catherine Maina experienced a difficult time. Most of the pioneer parents removed their children, leaving only two students in class 2.

Initially, the school had one dormitory hosting two girls and one boy. The boy, slept alone, and the girls, who were sisters, slept in the upper story. One matron kept watch.

Soon after, enrolment increased, and more pupils moved into the dormitories. As the school grew, more dorms were added, reaching two for girls and two for boys. The boys' dorms are Mara Dorm, the initial dorm, followed by Samburu Dorm. The girls have Amboseli Dorm and Tsavo Dorm. Four matrons, and the boarding master are present.



The school hosts over 200 pupils.

The dining hall is close to the classes. It is used for various other activities. On Sundays, it is converted into a church. On other occasions, (e.g., the day before closing day), it is converted into a cinema hall.



The school participates in drama and music festivals up to the provincial level and offers subjects such as French, computers, and music. Educational trips and swimming are supported. The students engage in outside sports competitions.

Examination progress


Students first took the KCPE in 2005, attaining a mean score of 385.2 and taking position 49 nationally. 2006, with a mean score of 378.6 marks, took them to position 62 nationally, and in 2007, with a mean score of 381.86, the school reached 60 nationally and number 10 in Rift Valley Province. The 2008 mean score was 381.88.

KCEP scores
Year No of Pupils Mean score
2005 16 385.19
2006 23 378.66
2007 28 381.86
2008 50 390.30
2009 46 369.04
2010 54 377.56
2011 68 373.68


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