Abu Yahya Abu Bakr ash-Shahid

Abu Yahya Abu Bakr ash-Shahid (Arabic: أبو يحيى أبو بكر الشهيد) or Abu Bakr was a grandson of the Caliph Abu Ishaq Ibrahim I, he ruled Tunisia for just 17 days in 1309.[1][2]

Abu Yahya Abu Bakr ash-Shahid
Caliph of the Hafsid Sultanate
Reignin September 1309
PredecessorAbu Asida Muhammad II
SuccessorAbu-l-Baqa Khalid An-Nasr
Hafsid Sultanate


The Caliph Abu Asida Muhammad II died in 1309, and, in accordance with the agreement signed by him with his nephew Abu-l-Baqa Khalid An-Nasr, he was to be proclaimed a caliph. The sheikhs of Almohad sheikhs of Tunis however elevated Abu Bakr to the throne. After 17 days he was deposed and executed by Abu-l-Baqa, who arrived with an army from Bejaia. He was thereafter known as "Ash-Shahid" ("the martyr").[3]: 126–7 


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