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Abraham Wildey Robarts (1779–1858), of Hill Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex, was an English politician and banker.


From a political family, he was the son of Abraham Roberts and his wife Sabine Tierney, sister of George Tierney; and brother of George James Robarts and William Tierney Robarts. In early life he was a writer for the East India Company in Canton.[1] He became a director of the East India Company, also a partner in the bank Robarts & Curtis, and worked as a West Indies factor.[2]

Robarts was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of the United Kingdom for Maidstone from 1818 to 1837.[1]


Robarts married Charlotte Anne Wilkinson in 1808. From 1827 to 1857 he resided at Parkstead House.[2]


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