Abdul Hamid Khan Yusufzai

ʿAbdul Ḥamīd Khān Yūsufzāī (Bengali: আবদুল হামিদ খান ইউসফজয়ী; 1845–1915) is a Bengali writer, journalist, and politician.[1][2]

Abdul Hamid Khan Yusufzai
আবদুল হামিদ খান ইউসফজয়ী
Born1845 CE
Charan, Kalihati, Tangail, Bengal Presidency (now in Bangladesh)
Died1915(1915-00-00) (aged 69–70)
NationalityBritish Raj
OccupationPoet, journalist, author
Known forThe Ahmadi
  • Shawhar Ali (father)
  • Umm Abdul Hamid (mother)
FamilyYusufzai family

Early lifeEdit

Yusufzai was born in the village of Charan in Kalihati, Tangail, Bengal Presidency, British Raj in 1845. He worked as an estate manager at the Delduar zamindar estate in Tangail along with notable writer Mir Mosharraf Hossain.[3] He was married to Aziz-un-Nisa.[4]


Yusufzai was a progressive journalist who published a secular fortnightly, The Ahmadi (unrelated to the Ahmadiyya movement). The first issue came out in 1886. The Ahmadi was supported by Karimunnessa Khanam Chowdhurani, the wife of Abdul Hakim Khan Ghaznawi, the Zamindar of Delduar. He and The Ahmadi fought a lawsuit against the Akhbare Islamia magazine over the Hanafi-La-Mazhabi and slaughter of cows.

He worked with Surendranath Banerjee. He joined the Indian National Congress, the Swadeshi movement and other anti-British activities. His first book, Sarsangraha, was published in 1887.[3][5]


Yusufzai died in 1915.[3]


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