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Staff Lieutenant General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi (Arabic: عبد الوهاب الساعدي‎) is the second-in-command of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTS). He has been the overall operation's commander of Iraqi government forces in Battle of Baiji (2014–15), Second Battle of Tikrit, and Third Battle of Fallujah (2016), the Hawija offensive (2017) in the war against ISIL.[1][2]

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi
Native name
عبد الوهاب الساعدي
BornAl-Thawra District, Baghdad, Iraq
Allegiance Iraq
Service/branchIraqi Counter-Terrorism Service
RankLieutenant general
Battles/warsIran–Iraq War

Iraqi Civil War

Peter Bergen wrote that al-Saadi played a critical role in the overall defeat of ISIS in Iraq.[3]

In September 2019, al-Saadi was removed from his office as second-in-command of ICTS by then Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and transferred to work in the Ministry of Defense, without mentioning the reasons for the decision. Al-Saadi said that the decision was at the request of the head of the Counter-Terrorism Agency, General Talib Shaghati and that it was considered "Insulting to him and his military history." Many politicians, media and activists considered the decision unfair. This sparked a new wave of protests that escalated into street clashes that resulted in dozens of deaths.[4][5][6]

Personal LifeEdit

Al-Saadi is a Shia Muslim born in Al-Thawra District ("Sadr City"), Baghdad, with family roots in southern Iraq.

Academic BackgroundEdit

Al-Saad graduated from the University of Mosul in Northern Iraq with a bachelor's degree in physics. He then graduated from the Iraqi Military College with a rank of lieutenant, then graduated from the Iraqi Military Joint Staff College in 1996.[7][8][9]


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