Abdelkarim Badjadja

Abdelkrim Badjadja (born March 26, 1945 in Constantine, Algeria) and died on 31 January 2022, in Constantine, is an Algerian archivist and historian. He has contributed greatly to the development of the National Archives of Algeria (Archives Nationales d'Algerie) and the preservation and dissemination of Algerian history. He published several works on the history of Algeria and the archival profession in Arabic and French.


Badjadja attended the University of Constantine, Algeria where he studied history and geography. He received his license in 1972 and his DEA in 1974.


Badjadja served as the Director of the Archive Department of Constantine from 1974–1991, and then Director of the National Library of Algeria from 1991–1992. He was the Director General of the National Archives of Algeria (Archives Nationales d'Algerie) from 1992–2001. He currently serves as the Consulting Archivist at the Information and Research Center, at the Presidency in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He was also the director of the Archives de Wilaya de Constantine in Constantine, Algeria.[1]

From November 1986 to March 1987, he was placed under town arrest restrictions but no official reasons were ever given.[2]

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