Abd al-Rahim ibn Ja'far ibn Sulayman al-Hashimi

Abd al-Rahim ibn Ja'far ibn Sulayman al-Hashimi (Arabic: عبد الرحيم بن جعفر بن سليمان الهاشمي‎) (died ca. 844) was a ninth century Abbasid personage and governor of the Yemen.

Abd al-Rahim ibn Ja'far ibn Sulayman al-Hashimi
عبد الرحيم بن جعفر بن سليمان الهاشمي
Abbasid Governor of Yemen
In office
Preceded byAbbad ibn al-Ghamr al-Shihabi
Succeeded byMansur ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Tanukhi
Personal details
Diedc. 844
Abbasid Caliphate
RelationsAbbasid dynasty
ParentsJa'far ibn Sulayman al-Hashimi
RelativesMuhammad (uncle)
Abbasa (aunt)
Ishaq (uncle)
Ali (uncle)


The son of Ja'far ibn Sulayman ibn Ali al-Hashimi, Abd al-Rahim was a minor member of the Abbasid dynasty, being a second nephew of the caliphs al-Saffah (r. 750–754) and al-Mansur (r. 754–775).[1] He was appointed governor of the Yemen by the caliph al-Mu'tasim (r. 833–842), and he arrived in Sana'a near the beginning of 836. During his governorship he was forced to deal with the Yu'firid rebel Yu'fir ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Hiwali, who imprisoned the previous governor Abbad ibn al-Ghamr al-Shihabi and his son and defeated an expedition sent against him. Abd al-Rahim remained governor until 839, when he was dismissed in favor of Ja'far ibn Dinar al-Khayyat.[2]

Abd al-Rahim was later arrested during the caliphate of al-Wathiq (r. 842–847) and forced to surrender his wealth. He died in prison in ca. 844.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Abbad ibn al-Ghamr al-Shihabi
Abbasid governor of the Yemen
Succeeded by
Mansur ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Tanukhi