Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes

The Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes (Latin: Sanctus Leonardus de Calmis)[1] was a Cistercian monastery in Dompierre-sur-Mer in the province of Aunis in the Kingdom of France.[2] It was destroyed in the 18th century.

Saint-Léonard des Chaumes
Sanctus Leonardus de Calmis
Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes is located in Charente-Maritime
Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes
Location within Charente-Maritime
Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes is located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes
Abbey of Saint-Léonard des Chaumes (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Monastery information
OrderCistercian (since 1168)
Mother houseBœuil Abbey (originally)
Billon Abbey
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of La Rochelle and Saintes
Founder(s)Odo of Gascony
LocationDompierre-sur-Mer, Aunis, Kingdom of France
Coordinates46°10′12″N 01°04′23″W / 46.17000°N 1.07306°W / 46.17000; -1.07306Coordinates: 46°10′12″N 01°04′23″W / 46.17000°N 1.07306°W / 46.17000; -1.07306


The abbey was probably founded in 1036 by Odo, Count of Gascony. The establishment was originally poor —chaumes meant "uncultivated land" in Old French.[3] In 1168, the establishment, which had been a priory for a century, joined the Cistercian Order and became a daughter house of Bœuil Abbey in Limousin.[4][5] Later, it was handed over to Billon Abbey.[2]

Like many other abbeys in the 15th-century, Saint-Léonard des Chaumes and its goods were placed under the authority of a layman for whom the monastery was a source of revenue rather than a place of worship. Vincent de Paul briefly served as commander of the abbey from 1610. At this time, the commendatory regime and the war (the first Siege of La Rochelle) already had visible negative consequences. Vicent de Paul resigned from commendatory office in 1616.[6][7]

In 1723, the abbey was mentioned as completely destroyed.[8]

According to Janauschek, the abbey had the order number CCCC (400).[1]


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