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Abashiri Quasi-National Park

Abashiri Quasi-National Park (網走国定公園, Abashiri Kokutei Kōen) is a quasi-national park in Japan.[1] The park protects the waters and surrounding coastline of the lakes and lagoons along the Sea of Okhotsk on Hokkaidō. This includes such lakes as Lake Abashiri and Lake Notoro[2] as well as Lake Tōfutsu and Lake Saroma.[3] Lake Saroma is the fourth largest lake in Japan.[3] Most of the park lies within the limits of Abashiri in Abashiri Subprefecture of northeastern Hokkaidō.[3]

Abashiri Quasi-National Park
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Lake Saroma.jpg
Overlooking Lake Saroma (June 2007)
Map showing the location of Abashiri Quasi-National Park
Map showing the location of Abashiri Quasi-National Park
Abashiri Quasi-National Park in Japan
LocationHokkaidō, Japan
Nearest cityAbashiri, Kitami, Koshimizu, Ōzora, Saroma, Shari, Yūbetsu
Coordinates43°53′26″N 144°34′47″E / 43.890556°N 144.579722°E / 43.890556; 144.579722Coordinates: 43°53′26″N 144°34′47″E / 43.890556°N 144.579722°E / 43.890556; 144.579722
Area372.61 square kilometres (143.87 sq mi)[1]
EstablishedJuly 1, 1958[1]

The park includes a Marine Protected Area, which falls under the IUCN category Ib.[4] The park is either 37261 ha[1][4] or 43559 ha.[2]

An important part of Abashiri Quasi-National Park is its floral display. Some of the most prominent species are in the following table.[3]

Scientific name Common name Native name
Thermopsis lupinoides Goldbanner センダイハギ / 先代萩
Gentiana triflora var. japonica エゾリンドウ
Convallaria keiskei Lily of the valley スズラン
Iris setosa Iris ヒオウギアヤメ
Hemerocallis yezoensis Daylily エゾキスゲ / 蝦夷黄萓
Lilium pensylvanicum エゾスカシユリ / 蝦夷透百合
Salicornia europaea Glasswort アッケシソウ / 厚岸草

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