Aasoo Bane Angaarey

Aasoo Bane Angaarey (transl. Tears Have Become Flames) is a 1993 Hindi-language drama film, produced by Jatti K. Varma under the Paramount Pictures banner[2] and directed by Mehul Kumar.[3] It stars Jeetendra, Madhuri Dixit, Deepak Tijori and music composed by Rajesh Roshan.[4] Madhuri Dixit played a double role as both mother and daughter and her performance was appreciated; despite the film not being a commercial success. Dixit played a similar mother and daughter double role a year earlier in Sangeet; her performance in that film was also acclaimed.[5]

Aasoo Bane Angaarey
Aasoo Bane Angaarey.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMehul Kumar
Written byAnwar Khan (dialogues)
Dev Kohli
Payam Sayeedi (lyrics)
Screenplay byKeshav Rathod
Anwar Khan
Story byMehul Kumar
Produced byJatti K Varma
Madhuri Dixit
Deepak Tijori
CinematographyRusi Billimoria
Edited byYusuf Sheikh
Music byRajesh Roshan
Paramount Pictures[1]
Release date
  • 3 November 1993 (1993-11-03)
Running time
151 minutes


The film begins in a wealthy family where Durgadevi is a powerful politician. Ravi Verma a virtuous is her stepson who takes care of their business whereas her son Kiran Verma is a vice. Ravi loves a poor girl Usha. Initially, Durgadevi opposes it but later, performs their wedding on the guidelines of her adviser Sewakram and triumphs in the elections. Afterward, Sewakram’s privilege increases, so, she intrigues him to eliminate but he escapes. Meanwhile, Usha becomes pregnant when Ravi leaves abroad. Once, Kiran tries to molest a girl Sandhya, and abruptly, Usha smacks him. Begrudged Kiran denounces her of seducing him and they neck her out. Kiran also intends to kill her but she is rescued by an auto driver Hamid who shelters her and Usha gives birth to a baby girl Madhu. Ravi returns and disowns the happening since he knows Usha is sacred. Despite the refusal of Ravi, Kiran knits with a dancer Chanda, and her brother Chander also accompanies them. Years roll by, and Madhu a plucky is recognized by Sewakram who divulges the offense that went on her mother and utilizes her as a pawn. Madhu enters the house through Chander, obtains a job in their company, and acquires their credence. With no time, she disfigures Durgadevi, throws them into heavy losses, and takes the property hostage. Then, she penalizes Kiran and arouses the integrity of Usha before Ravi. Here, Usha rebukes Madhu for ruining her own when Ravi arrives and makes her realize the betrayal of Sewakram. Knowing it, Madhu revolts on him, by the time he abducts the entire family. At last, Ravi & Madhu ceases the blackguard and Kiran sacrifices his life as contrition to his sin. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the reunion of Ravi & Usha.



The music was composed by Rajesh Roshan. Lyrics were written by Indeevar, Dev Kohli and Payam Sayeedi.[6]

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Deewane Yeh Ladke" Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthy
2 "Dil Bas Mein Nahin" Asha Bhosle
3 "Ganpati Bapa" Lata Mangeshkar
4 "Teri Rashi Ke Lakhon" Sadhana Sargam, Debashish Dasgupta
5 "Tujhe Dekh Ke Khan" Sadhana Sargam
6 "Ganpati Bapa" (Sad) Lata Mangeshkar


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