Aashiqui (transl. Romance) is a 1990 Indian Hindi musical romantic drama film and first installment of Aashiqui series directed by Mahesh Bhatt, starring Rahul Roy, Anu Aggarwal and Deepak Tijori in pivotal roles. The film was known for its music, by composer duo Nadeem–Shravan (Nadeem Akhtar Saifi and Shravan Kumar Rathod) establishing their careers along with that of singer Kumar Sanu and music label T-Series.[1] Upon release, it received positive reviews and emerged as a super hit movie. The soundtrack album has been rated the fourth best ever by Planet Bollywood on their "100 Greatest Bollywood Soundtracks".[2]

Aashiqui 1.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMahesh Bhatt
Produced byGulshan Kumar
StarringRahul Roy
Anu Aggarwal
Music byNadeem Shravan
Distributed byT-Series Films
Vishesh Films
Release date
17 August 1990
Running time
2 Hr 30 Minutes
Budget30 lacs
Box office5 Cr.

The soundtrack album sold 20 million units,[3] making it the best-selling Bollywood soundtrack album of all time.[4] A cover version of one of its songs, "Dheere Dheere" was later performed by Yo Yo Honey Singh and released in 2015.[5] A sequel to the film, Aashiqui 2, with a completely new theme, directed by Mohit Suri with Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor, was released on 26 April 2013.[6]


Rahul (Rahul Roy) is angry with his dad for marrying a second wife, while his mother is still alive; in rage and in fury he pays an uninvited visit to the wedding where he throws his mother's mangalsutra and all the other household items she preserved. He breaks the windows of the wedding car and is hence arrested and sent to the nearest police station as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Anu (Anu Aggarwal) runs away from an oppressive girls' hostel run by Arnie Campbell (Tom Alter), who immediately reports to the police station that she is missing. The police catch her and keep her at a nearby Police station (which happens to be the same where Rahul is).

While waiting for Arnie, Rahul offers Anu his jacket, which she accepts. Arnie then arrives and takes her back to the oppressive hostel, promising the police inspector that this would never happen again. After they leave, the inspector turns to Rahul and offers him some advice and then lets him go back to his broken home.

Rahul can not stop thinking about the beautiful Anu. The very next day, Rahul returns to the hostel area and spots his jacket hanging outside the hostel and wishes to meet Anu. Since she lives in a girl's hostel there is no way he can enter. Hence, he plays cricket with his friend and deliberately aims the ball into the compound. The security lets him inside to retrieve the ball. Rahul goes inside and sees Anu climbing a ladder. She is very surprised by his presence and falls off that ladder. Rahul was unable to express his feelings for her and writes a note on the electricity bill his mother told him to pay that very day. Anu takes the note and leaves. His mother then is upset that Rahul did not pay the bill and asks his Master (Tailor) to help get the bill back.

The tailor helps Rahul get the bill along with a note where Anu requests him to meet her at the Main City Library the following Saturday. He arrives on time eagerly, where Anu tells him she has nothing to give him except "thank you", but Rahul says nobody can stop him from loving her, not even herself.

Soon after he leaves, Arnie catches her and takes her along to Ooty (another town) to be admitted in another hostel. Rahul employs a spy to eavesdrop and see where Anu is going next. The spy learns about Anu's travel plans and informs Rahul, who goes along with his friend to search for Anu and finds the place they are staying in. They find out that Arnie actually intended to get Anu married and lied to her about admitting her to a new hostel, because she would not have come along.

At the hostel, Arnie organises a farewell party for Anu and Anu invites Rahul. who promises to attend the party. After this party, they plan to elope (run away together). At the party, he runs away with Anu and then Arnie catches them both using the police. Anu has to return with Arnie and go to Ooty, while Rahul returns to his home.

After a few months, Rahul approaches Mr. Arnie as he can not forget his friend Anu, who he knows is unhappy. Rahul then finds out from Arnie all the details that Anu has a distant relative in Ooty named Uncle Peter who is an alcoholic. Long long ago, Peter had signed the documents and now he had full custody over her.

Rahul asks Arnie about her whereabouts and more details so that he could help her settle (and be more happy) and Arnie (wanting to help Anu) reveals everything. They both find Anu in a miserable state with Uncle Peter and bribe the uncle for a sum of 20,000 rupees on the condition that he signs the documents and is no longer Anu's legal guardian.

After Anu is finally free from both Arnie, the hostel and Uncle Peter, she wishes to become self-reliant and seeks admission in a typing institute. One day, she comes across a job advert searching for a model to run for "Jean Cardin "brand of clothes in Mumbai who requests Anu to audition. Anu agrees and wins a sum of 10,000 rupees along with a free tour to Paris and a secured residence. She thanks Rahul for all his help, but Rahul mentions to her that he loves her deeply and wants to marry her ASAP, to which Anu agrees, but she says she will need some time to prepare.

Rahul's mother (Reema Lagoo), on hearing this story visits Anu and offers some advice, as she knows Anu is an orphan and lonely, advising her not to marry him till he achieves something in life as equality of status between partners is essential for a healthy relationship.

The next day, Rahul comes to the place where Anu is having a photo shoot session. He hears the man in charge telling her to change into a swimming costume, to which Rahul disagrees. He tells him that they were planning to get married soon and he disapproves of such nakedness. He is even more shocked when he learns that Anu already signed a contract promising she would not get married within a span of two years.

Rahul is heartbroken by this decision and pens her a letter written with his blood.

As life goes on, years go by, and Rahul establishes himself as a singer. Anu is also successful as a model. Rahul plans to meet Anu now, but Padamsee (Homi Wadia) reveals to Rahul that it's thanks to Anu that his debut record was released into market, which hurts Rahul deeply as he now doubts his own mettle and talent. Hence, Rahul cancels their marriage plans.

Anu, grieved by Rahul's decision, decides to further her career under the director Padamsee who persuades her to accompany him to Paris.

Rahul's mother enlightens him that Anu refused to marry him earlier because of her suggestion and that Anu was only a medium for his talent to reach the public - it was his singing that made him successful and popular. She urges him to go back to Anu, his true love.

When Rahul comes to stop her from boarding the flight, Anu agrees to abandon the director and stays behind to renew their relationship.



Aashiqui was credited as an all-time blockbuster at the box office in 1990 mainly due to its music, a low budget of 20 lakhs upon which it grossed 2.50 cr. with the shows running to full houses.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
1991 Filmfare Awards Best Director Mahesh Bhatt Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Reema Lagoo Nominated
Best Music Director Nadeem Shravan Won
Best Lyricist Rani Malik (for "Dheere Dheere") Nominated
Sameer (for "Nazar Ke Saamne") Won
Best Male Playback Singer Kumar Sanu (for "Ab Tere Bin") Won
Best Female Playback Singer Anuradha Paudwal (for "Nazar Ke Saamne") Won


Soundtrack album by
ReleasedDecember 26, 1989
StudioSudeep Studios Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorMahesh Bhatt
ProducerGulshan Kumar
Nadeem–Shravan chronology
Pyar Pyar
Apmaan Ki Aag
Professional ratings
Review scores
Planet Bollywood           [8]
Kumar Sanu gained popularity with the songs from this album, for which he won his first Filmfare Award.

The music for Aashiqui was composed by the duo Nadeem–Shravan (Nadeem Akhtar Saifi and Shravan Kumar Rathod) and lyrics were written by Sameer, Rani Mallik and Madan Pal. The soundtrack largely falls under the filmi-ghazal genre, based on the ghazal style.[7]

Track # Title Singer(s) Music Director Lyricist Starring Length
1 "Jaane Jigar Jaaneman" Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 05:15
2 "Main Duniya Bhula Doonga" Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 05:19
3 "Bas Ek Sanam Chaahiye (male)" Kumar Sanu Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy 06:14
4 "Nazar Ke Saamne" Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 05:36
5 "Tuu Meri Zindagi Hain" Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 04:46
6 "Dil Ka Aalam" Kumar Sanu Nadeem–Shravan Madan Pal Aamna Shariff, Rohit Kumar 05:01
7 "Ab Tere Bin" Kumar Sanu Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 05:46
8 "Dheere Dheere Se Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Season 2 Mishti Kabir " Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem Shravan Rani Malik Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 05:31
9 "Mera Dil Tere Liye" Udit Narayan & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 04:36
10 "Bas Ek Sanam Chaahiye (female)" Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Anu Agarwal 06:11
11 "Jaane Jigar Jaaneman (II)" Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem–Shravan Sameer Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal 03:59
12 "Dil Ka Aalam (II)" Nitin Mukesh Nadeem–Shravan Madan Pal 04:40


Aashiqui became the highest-selling album in the history of Indian music industry. In an interview, Bhushan Kumar said that no music album has been able to break the music record of Aashiqui.[9] The soundtrack album sold 20 million units.[3] This made it the best-selling Bollywood soundtrack album of all time,[4] as well as one of the best-selling albums of any genre in India.[10] It had a big impact on Bollywood music, ushering in ghazal-type romantic music that dominated the early 1990s, with soundtracks such as Dil, Saajan, Phool Aur Kaante and Deewana.[7] Initially Aashiqui was a music album planned by Gulshan Kumar on the name CHAAHAT, while Mahesh Bhatt heard the songs he suggested to make a film. Aditya Panscholi gave the voice to Rahul Roy.


Rakesh Bandhu of Planet Bollywood gave the album 9 stars saying, "Aashiqui was a success in its own right. It is truly a beautiful collection of compositions by the Nadeem-Shravan."[8] The soundtrack became very popular upon release, becoming the best selling Bollywood soundtrack of the year by a wide margin.[11]

Dheere DheereEdit

A cover version of the song "Dheere Dheere Se" was later performed by Indi-pop artist Yo Yo Honey Singh, released as "Dheere Dheere" in 2015.[5] The song's music video features actors Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor.[12] As of April 2018, the song has received over 400 million views on YouTube.[13]


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