Aahat (English: An approaching sound) is an Indian thriller/horror television anthology series created by B. P. Singh for Sony Entertainment Television.[1] The series premiered on 5 October 1995. One of the episodes of the first season, Abhinetri, telecast in 1997, generated a very high TRP for the show.[citation needed] The episodes of first, second and fifth seasons were half-hourly, while episodes of third, fourth and sixth seasons were one-hourly. Om Puri, Mandira Bedi, Tom Alter, Ashutosh Rana, Shivaji Satam, Virendra Saxena Nivaan Sen and noted theater personality Satyadev Dubey have starred in the show. Canadian actor, Remi Kaler also worked in the series in 1999 and 2000. The sixth season premiered on 18 February 2015, starring Shakti Anand[2] and ended on 4 August 2015.[3]

Aahat logo.jpg
Created byB. P. Singh
Written by
  • Yash and Sima Shridhar Raghavan
    Sriram Raghavan
Directed by
Sriram Raghavan
Creative directorRahul Gurmeet Singh
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes556 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Chandan Rajput
  • Rajendra B. Patil
ProducersB. P. Singh
Pradeep Uppoor
Production locationsMumbai, India
  • Neelaabh Kaul
  • J S Mangal
  • Madhu S Rao
Running time42 minutes approximately
Production companies
  • Fireworks Productions
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format
Original release5 October 1995 (1995-10-05) –
4 August 2015 (2015-08-04)
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The first season was mostly a crime thriller-whodunit with only occasional episodes on the supernatural. After the first season, each story focused on a different aspect of paranormal activity, such as ghosts, zombies, phantoms, undead persons, possessed objects and witches and wizards.[2]

Series overviewEdit

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
12875 October 1995 (1995-10-05)6 April 2001 (2001-04-06)
22819 November 2004 (2004-11-19)[4]10 June 2005 (2005-06-10)
32113 January 2007 (2007-01-13)[5]16 June 2007 (2007-06-16)
46613 November 2009 (2009-11-13)26 June 2010 (2010-06-26)
58028 June 2010 (2010-06-28)25 November 2010 (2010-11-25)
67618 February 2015 (2015-02-18)[2]4 August 2015 (2015-08-04)[3]

Season 1 (1995–2001)Edit

Aahat was first shot in 1994 as a suspense thriller, and began broadcast on 5 October 1995, each story being split across two episodes. The season aired on Thursday nights, later shifting to every Friday nights. After about 40 episodes with the same theme, one episode with a supernatural theme was made and when audiences for the series rose sharply, it made the switch.[6]

No Episode Title Cast Air Date
1 The Closed Room Rajesh Khattar, Ashutosh Rana, Utkarsha Naik, Pinky Singh 1995
2 Snake Shrivallabh Vyas, Prateeksha Lonkar, Shashi Kiran, R.S.Chopra 1995
3-4 Poison Roshni Achreja, Bobby khanna, Chandra Mohan, Dhananjay Manjrekar 1995
5 The Last Show Ananya Khare, Channa Ruparel 1995
6 Julia Govind Namdev, Lalit Tiwari, Ramesh Rai 1995
7 Death Sentence Anang Desai, Sushil Parashar, Rekha Rao 1995
8-9 Terror Madan Jain, Surekha Sikri, Dinesh Kaushik, Naresh Suri, Ghazal Khan 1995
10-11 First Love Harsh Chhaya, Ajay Mankotia, Sunita Krishan, Ravi Patwardhan, Ajit Mehra, Dhananjay Manjrekar, Sushil Parashar 1995
12-15 Explosion Ashutosh Rana, Achyut Potdar, Dilip Kulkarni, Sayaji Shinde 1995
16-17 The Bet Prashant Narayanan, Ravi Gossain, Vijay Maurya, Nissar Khan , Seema Ponkshe, R.S.Chopra, Dhananjay Manjrekar 1995
18-19 Unfaithful Mona Ambegaonkar, Prateeksha Lonkar, Raja Bundela 1995
20-21 Gambler Govind Namdev, Ketki Dave, Deepak Shirke 1995
22-23 Ruthless Virendra Saxena, Sunil Barve, Samta Sagar, Lata Haya, Abhay Kulkarni 1996
24-25 Eyewitness Navni Parihar, Dilip Kulkarni, Nikhil Sharma 1996
26-27 The Doom Ravi Jhankal, Satyadev Dubey, Ravi Khandvilkar, Uttara Baokar 1996
28-29 Killer Hands Achyut Potdar, Vijay Kashyap, Jharna Dave, Ajay Rohilla 1996
30 Where is Yashwant? Naresh Suri, Vijayan Nair, Yusuf Khurram, Bapi Bose, Sunil Tawde,Kavita Vaid 1996
31-32 Stiffness Shrivallabh Vyas, Vineet Kumar, Sushil Parashar, Anil Nagrath, Pramathesh Mehta, Ghazal Khan, Roshan khan 1996
33-34 Red Rose Virendra Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Reshma Polekar, Nissar Khan, Sandeep Kulkarni, Satyajit Sharma, Raaz Tilak 1996
35 After His death Anup Soni, Anil Yadav, Vijay Raaj, Seema Ponkshe, Damini 1996
36-37 The Wish Arun Bali, Satyadev Dubey, Ragesh Asthana, Ravi Patwardhan, Anuradha Sawant, Meghna Kothari, Dhananjay Manjrekar 1996
38 The night Chandramohan, Saavri, Prashant Bhatt, Neeta Desai, Mahavir Bhullar 1996
39-40 The Hijack Tushar Dalvi, Shreechand Makhija, Sanjay Mishra, Dr.Vilas Ujjwane, Pinky Singh 1996
41 The Haunted Joan David, Bobby Khanna, Santosh Kaushik, Avinash Kharshikar 1996
42-43 Reflection Madan Jain, Vineet Kumar, Manoj Pahwa, Nikhil Sharma, Sushil Parashar, R.S.Chopra, Mangala Duggal 1996
44 The Nectar Virendra Saxena, Anil Kocchar, Ramesh Rai 1996

Season 2 (2004–2005)Edit

Due to the popularity of the first season, Sony TV decided to bring back the series in its second season. The second season aired on Friday nights. The episode format was same as of the first season. This time the season failed to gain TRP ratings.[7]

Season 3 (2007)Edit

The third season was titled as Aahat: Dahshat Ki Teesri Dastak (English: An approaching sound: The Third Coming of Horror). The season aired on Saturday nights, each story being shown in a single episode. This time too the season didn't manage to gain TRP ratings and the season was shut down soon.[5]

Season 4 (2009–2010)Edit

The fourth season was titled Aahat: The All New Series, which aired on every Friday and Saturday nights. In the season, Durjan, head of Paranormal And Supernatural Activities Research who used to collect powers from the spirits for his boss sends Harsh (Chaitanya Choudhury), Raghav (Vishal Gandhi) and Yamini (Krystle D'Souza) to deal with a new supernatural power every week with the story being split into two episodes. The season had three crossover episodes with the series CID. Once in November 2009, second time in February 2010 and third time in June 2010.

Season 5 (2010)Edit

Due to the huge popularity of the fourth season, Sony TV decided to telecast the series four days a week. The fifth season aired on every Monday to Thursday nights. Every week, two stories were telecast, each story being split across two episodes. But this idea didn't take off; the TRP ratings dropped once again and the channel had to shut down the series on 25 November 2010.

To celebrate 15 years of the series, this season featured a 16 - episode arc titled "Maut Ka Khel" (English: "The Game of Death") which aired starting 20 September 2010. This was heavily inspired by the 1999 Hollywood horror film House On Haunted Hill. The storyline follows celebrities (Sidharth Shukla, Roshni Chopra, Aashka Goradia, Vivan Bhatena, Gautam Rode, Ketki Dave, Tanaaz Irani, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Aryan Vaid, Bobby Darling, Karishma Tanna, Sanjeet Bedi and Shahbaz Khan) who lived in a 200-year-old haunted house.[8]

No Episode Title Summary Air Date
1 Shaitaani Aaina Part-1 A woman car broke down & a man with a suitcase and umbrella approaches her. She asks for nearest petrol pump or hotel to which he says it's very far. He then says that she can live in his haveli nearby. When she asks who lives there, he says nobody. When she refuses to go, he tries to convince her that he will give Rs. 20 Lakh also if she does his job. The job is to go in the room upstairs on the right. In the room inside a cupboard is a box which she has to bring. Trapped in the greed of money she agrees. When she opens the box, to her surprise it is full of diamonds. She hears a scary voice & the diamonds all fall on the floor. She sees a hand behind the wall & starts running for life while screaming but the creature pulls her into a mirror surface thus killing her. The man who is outside gets scared because of her screams.

The man then meets another guy at a bar who threatens him to give the diamonds or Rs. 10 Crore. He tries to convince him that there is someone in his house who is killing everybody who goes inside. He shows he wounds to the gangster who then asks, how it came in his house. He tells that, the day he took money from them in exchange for Diamonds, his old friend came to his house very scared. He was dragging a long locked box with him. He was very scared and went to his room. When the guy goes to give him food, he takes a peek in the box as it was shaking automatically. He sees a glowing eye inside. His friend tells him that he will go away next morning and that the box is attached to him for life. In the middle of the night, the guy hears a scream and goes to check. The box spits his friend's head out.

2 Shaitaani Aaina Part-2 The guy telling the story to the gangster says that he tried to fight the creature but ran away when the creature tried killing him. The gangster threatens to kill him if he doesn't bring him the diamonds or money within 24 hours. After the gangster leaves a group of 3 broke people (Sunny, Akash, Mona) enters the bar. They get into a quarrel with the waiter but the guy interrupts and stops the quarrel. He lures them into the 20 Lakh trap. After some discussion they agree to do his job.

Sunny enters the mansion with a camera which is wireless attached to their laptop. Aakash, Mona & the guy are watching everything from the outside. Sunny is attacked in the corridor and the other two goes inside to help him but soon they are also attacked and killed by the creature. Now, the guy is forced to enter the house himself. He goes inside and grabs his shotgun, collects his diamonds & on the way back enters a room full of mirrors. A fight ensues between him & the creature. He thinks he killed the creature but the creature comes from behind and kills him.

In the next scene the guy (actually now a ghost) is shown luring a man on the road in the same trap. The narrator says 'Aaj ki baad agar haveli wale sadak pe koi paise de to maat lena' (If from today onwards anyone gives money on the mansion-side road, don't take the money at any cost)

3 Parchaiyan (Shadows) Part-1 Rajeev and his fiancée, Prachi, are at a party. Later, all the guests are shocked to see a clown who arrives at the party and starts singing in some strange language. Prachi is particularly scared and rushes upstairs, where she suddenly starts to see shadows on the walls. The shadows start chasing her & when she comes in front of the clown again he says that the shadow won't leave her until they kill her. Despite trying to convince everyone of all the things she is seeing and hearing, no one believes her. When asked questions about her recently made song she tries to avoid them.

In the recording studio where people are waiting for her to record a song, the conversation about the strange song starts. Everyone is astonished by that song as it has only voices and no lines. When Prachi comes and refuses to talk about that song they secretly play the song in the studio. The shadows starts to appear & Prachi faints. After waking up, she is told how her colleagues died a horrible death. She also remembers the last moments but doesn't tell anyone.

Prachi & Rajeev are getting married. In one of the ritual an unknown man forces the musicians to play the same song and the shadows again attack her. She comes out in the main room and faints screaming that shadows were attacking her.

4 Parchaiyan (Shadows) Part-2 Rajeev & Prachi decides to live in their ancestral bungalow for some time. The caretaker scares Prachi in an incident. She also tells both of them that no music should ever be played in this house when Prachi by accident keeps her hand over the piano. In the middle of the night Prachi follows the caretaker to a room. When she tries to listen the scary shadow voices come. She runs to her room.

Next morning, she goes into the room & opens a book written in some unknown language. There is a gramophone record in that book which she plays & the same strange song gets played. Winds start blowing but the caretaker stops the record. Prachi says its her song and ask 'how is it here?' to which the caretaker accuses her of stealing it. She tells Prachi how her father-in-law was an explorer, who would visit far distant or unknown places. He would bring various things from his trip. One such time he went to a place where this tune was played. He secretly recorded it. It is the 'maut ki dhun (tune of death)'. She goes on to tell how one night he played it as a part of some occult ritual & the shadows killed him. Prachi accepts she stole the song from Rajeev's house but then denies it in front of Rajeev. Frustrated Rajeev disrespects the caretaker for falsely accusing his wife & plays the record. Shadows start appearing suffocating Rajeev & Prachi. In a simultaneous scene they are shown being dragged by some skeleton figures in a dead land. Just when they are about to die the caretaker burns the book and saves them.

5 Khauffnak Khidmat (The Horrors Of The Game Machine) Part-1 A man (Amit) is lying unconscious in a building parking lot. When he wakes up he asks a girl for lift but she turns out to be a ghost. Then while running he sees another ghost who says he cannot escape since he has played the video game. The evil ghost kills him. Vicky who is a friend of Amit & owner of a gaming zone is contacted by Pooja who is Amit's girlfriend since he is not picking her call. Raju an employee of Vicky finds Amit's wallet & bike keys near the new video game. Vicky warns Raju to not let anyone play the new video game.

Anu, Vicky's wife asks him what happened when he refuses to go with her to the mall. He tells her that yesterday, a video game showed up at his place even though it didn't order one (It is a horror game). Vicky is reluctant to not bring it inside but Raju & Amit convinces him. He warns not to let anyone play the game till its origin is known and he leaves. Vicky explains her how every parlour is experiencing a phenomenon of a video game randomly showing up outside their parlour & whoever plays the game dies because the evil spirits are attached to that game.

Pooja comes to Vicky's Parlour where she asks Raju about Amit. Raju leaves to courier a bill. Pooja calls Amit on phone and it rings from inside the video game. She then hears Amit's voice forcing to play the video game. She plays and wins the first round. But at the start of second round she is pulled by a hand inside the video game & is teleported to the empty mall in the game world. There she encounters different spirits of people in the game. She tries to run but is killed in the elevator.

6 Khauffnak Khidmat (The Horrors Of The Game Machine) Part-2 Vicky & Anu reaches the mall. From the parking lot, he calls Raju, who tells him that Pooja came to the parlour but disappeared & her purse was found near the video game. Vicky tells him not to leave parlour. He then sees Amit & realizes that it's a ghost. He runs, finds Anu & asks her to leave. He tells her that he saw Amit's ghost & then is shocked to see Pooja's Ghost outside the shop in the mall.

He asks Gyan (video game dealer) about the video game to which he replies that he didn't send any such video game. They rush to the parlour only to find that the game is gone. Both of them then go to their home. After closing the door through peephole he sees Amit & gets scared. On the couch he sees Pooja who tells him that he cannot escape from his fate. He goes to his bedroom for sleeping but Amit's ghost comes. When he tries to run in the living room they both sees the game but they both escape in the car. All this time Vicky is seeing 3 ghosts (Amit, Pooja & another guy). On the road, Amit forces Vicky to play the game & is grabbed by the hand and teleported to his house. Their the main ghost tries to kill him but Anu uses their car to break the game thus saving Vicky with the help of Gyan who tells her to destroy the game. Later the game rebuilds itself.

7 Khauffnak Mehman Nawazi (A Jogger's Nightmare) Part-1 One girl is trying to get out of park & another (Mala) is trying to come in the park for jogging in the night at a park but are told by the caretaker that she cannot leave through the main gate after 9 pm. The girls are forced to go towards the back gate, which opens towards the Shanti Sadan Housing Society Apartments and Mala is attacked by the guard but an old lady (MummyJi) saves her. She gets scratched & loses her phone. MummyJi tells her to call from her landline who lives in Shanti Sadan. The other girl follows another man into his house. He tells her to wait on the couch & that not to come inside or goes outside as she won't be able to.

While getting treated for her injuries, MummyJi creeps & scares Mala by asking her weird questions & telling her how she killed her daughter-in-law (Radhika). She tries to run but ends up finding a few dead bodies in the cupboard. The other girl is dragged & locked in a room where she encounters an evil spirit. MummyJi finds Mala hiding in the closet but just then Radhika enters the society and walks to her home. MummyJi tells Mala that it is her ghost who is troubling her after her death. They both hide with MummyJi constantly disappearing & appearing. Finally, Radhika finds Mala & asks her what she is doing here to which she says MummyJi brought her here. Radhika reveals that MummyJi died 15 years ago.

8 Khauffnak Mehman Nawazi (A Jogger's Nightmare) Part-2 Radhika asks Mala where she found MummyJi & she tells her. Mala asks Radhika to help her get out. As they try to get out of apartment, they hear MummyJi's voice. Radhika tells Mala to hide upstairs. It is revealed that Radhika is also dead. Radhika starts talking to her husband who is in a car & the two girls find each other through a duct in the bathroom. The girls try to escape but the other girl is killed by the evil spirit. Mala manages to escape the apartment. In the staircase she stumbles across a woman & hits her head falling unconscious. When she wakes, the other old lady tells her how MummyJi & Radhika would always fight with each other & that one day Radhika plans to kill MummyJi with poison & MummyJi plans to kill Radhika at the same time.

Unbeknownst, both kill each other. It is revealed that the whole society is a ghost town. All the ghost comes to kill Mala. She is trapped & they hang her in a closet with the help of a hanger. As she suffocates they laugh together. In a later scene Mala is shown arguing with the guard in the same manner as the other girl while a new girl enters the park.

9 Doosri Duniya ki Dastak (The Missing Body In Morgue) Part-1 In the hospital, Dr. Shubham is doing some work when he is called by a sister to prepare the body no. 13 (Lalit) by morning again for post-mortem on the orders of Dr. Shyam because Lalit's father has requested it. He tells the sister that he himself concluded that Lalit died of heart attack. Suddenly, the lights go out & he goes to check the body in the morgue. Dr. Shubhum is scared when finding out that Lalit's body is not in the morgue. He hears a noise & hides only to find out that Lalit's body is walking into the morgue by himself.

He escapes & calls Simmy (wife of Dr. Darshan) to tell her the whole thing. Scared Simmy opens the door for her husband & tells him everything but he rejects the notion. Simmy is unable to sleep & opens an album. In the flashback it is revealed that she was Lalit's girlfriend & he was obsessed with her. A vase falls & Simmy goes to close the window & sees Lalit's ghost. Next morning Lalit's father comes to their house where he tells Lalit is coming in his dreams too. They all go to the hospital where Dr. Shyam asks him about why he couldn't prepare his body to which he says his body was not there in the morgue in the night. He is proven wrong by Dr. Shyam & instructs him to prepare it right away. After Dr. Shubham is left alone then Lalit kills Dr. Shubham in the morgue.

10 Doosri Duniya ki Dastak (The Missing Body In Morgue) Part-2 Simmy tells about a woman who can do seance which Darshan completely rejects & leaves. He calls a person named Jayant & tells him about Shubham. Jayant is killed by Lalit while asking for forgiveness. Also, Darshan is spooked by Lalit. Meanwhile, Simmy & Lalit's father communicate with Lalit who shows her in a flashback how he is killed by Darshan using poison which is covered by Shubham. All this is done for insurance money whose nominee is Simmy (Lalit's future wife). Jayant is revealed as the insurance agent.

Darshan brings Lalit's body to his house where he tries to burn it but unknown to him he escapes while he goes to bring fuel. Simmy confronts Darshan about Lalit's death. He tells her the motive which is her & the money. She tries to call the police but Darshan locks her and prepares to kill her with an injection. A chase ensues between the two in the house where Simmy escapes multiple times. Finally, he is killed by Lalit with the same injection.

11 Maut Ke Ghungroo (Saviour Ghost) Part-1 Preeti tells Madan (the driver) to keep the luggage in the car as they are going for vacation which is planned by Paromita (Preeti's Sister). It is revealed that Paromita is planning something with the help of Madan & Raghav. Madan tells that their car will break down right in front of ‘Dag Bagla’ (a deserted bungalow believed to be haunted) as a part of the plan. They ask the caretaker to stay in for one night to which he agrees but warns them about their safety. Madan goes through the nearby jungle to arrange some food but is killed by a mysterious figure.

In the bungalow, Preeti is awakened by the sound of Ghungroo. Next morning, Paromita & Raghav are furious at Madan for not showing up & they both get scared on finding out that yesterday it was not Paromita wearing the ghungroo. While finding Madan in the jungle, Raghav is also killed by the mysterious figure (the ghost). Preeti is spooked by Paromita as a ghost.

Pushkar sees the ghost but is interrupted by Paromita. They both are having an affair & he is also in on the plan of killing Preeti.

12 Maut Ke Ghungroo (Saviour Ghost) Part-2 Pushkar meets Hariya (a local criminal hired to kill Preeti). He comes to the bungalow and tries to kill Preeti but much to his surprise it turns out to be the ghost. She kills Hariya but Preeti sees the ghost and faints. No one believes Preeti when she tells her what she saw.

Pushkar & Paromita plan to lure Preeti on a balcony where Paromita is dressed as a ghost & they will push her from the balcony making it look like the ghost is at fault but instead the ghost kills Paromita from the same balcony.

Preeti opens the only locked room of the house to find Pushkar's photo with the ghost. The caretaker reveals that Pushkar was Merlyn's(the ghost) husband in the past life. In 1945, Merlyn came with her father to live in this bungalow. She grew accustomed to the culture in India. When her father died, she married her dance teacher & lover (now Pushkar). He kills Merlyn for her wealth with the ghungroo. Some time later, Merlyn's ghost kills her husband with the same ghungroo. Pushkar & Preeti find Paromita dead & in grief Pushkar reveals the whole plan to Paromita. He reveals that he married her for the money and proceeds to kill her. Merlyn kills Pushkar and saves Preeti.


Season 6 (2015)Edit

The first episode of the sixth installation of the series premiered on 18 February 2015.[2] Initially, the series was aired bi-weekly on every Wednesday and Thursday nights. The first episode of the series had gained a TRP rating of 2.9. Due to high ratings, the channel decided to telecast the season four days on every Monday to Thursday nights. But after a couple of weeks, the TRP ratings dropped, and the channel had to shut down the season on 4 August 2015.[3][9]


Critical responseEdit

The first five seasons of the series received general acclaim but response for the sixth season was quite mixed. Vineeta Kumar of India TV stated, "As against everybody's expectations, Aahat (season 6) doesn't seem that impressive."[10]

Sweta Kaushal of Hindustan Times stated, "The new episode of Aahat (season 6) does not scare at all and lives up to all the comic cliches that Indian horror shows have been following till date. At best, it is hilarious."[11]


Vineeta Kumar of India TV gave the sixth season 2/5 stars, and further stated, "For all those who would be expecting grand with the elements of horror and spook in it, Aahat has come with a slight disappointment."[10]

Sweta Kaushal of Hindustan Times giving the same ratings to the sixth season, further stated, "The new episode shows women with bad make-up as the ghosts."[11]


Fireworks Productions was nominated for Best Continuing TV Programme and for Best Thriller/Horror Show Of The Year of Indian Telly Awards in 2002. Sujit Pattnaik and Tanmoy Ghosh won Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects in 2010,[12] while Himanshu, Yogen and Kamal were nominated for the same category of the same award in 2005 and 2012, however, winning in 2011.[13]

International broadcastingEdit

In Pakistan, it was aired on A-Plus Entertainment.


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