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Abu Ali (Arabic: أبو علي‎) is an Egyptian Comedy, Romance film. It was released on January 19, 2005 and runs for 120 minutes.[1] The name of the movie comes from one of the main characters, Hassan Aabu Ali.[2]

Aabu Ali
Abo Ali.JPEG
Directed byAhmed Nader Galal
Produced byEmad Mourad
Screenplay byBelal Fadl
Music byAmr Ismail
CinematographyEhab Mohamed Ali
Edited byMaha Rushdi
Egypt's renaissance Company
Distributed byArab Company for Production and Distribution Film
Release date
  • May 2005 (2005-05)
Running time
120 minutes


The movie is about a young man, Hassan, who struggles to provide for his family. Hassan works for car smugglers in a garage where they collect cars that are illegally transported. One day, his sister had a fight with her husband for cheating on her and because he brought his girlfriend into their house. As he also hit her, she and her children went back to her family's house. When her brother, Hassan Abu Ali, was woken up by his sister's cries, he heard of what had happened to her and went to avenge his sister. When Hassan is taken to the police station, he acted smart in front of the police general and told him that he was being beaten by the other police officers. As a result of that, the dean let him go and gave him a card, so he could call him whenever he had any problem. He comes back to find his little brother, who was beaten by his sister's husband, in a critical condition. He finds out that his brother suffers from a congenital heart defect and needs surgery. Hassan tries to get money from his boss, but he gave him so little that he refused to take it. Hassan then thinks of stealing money from his boss’ garage. When he runs away after stealing the money, Hassan meets a woman called Salma. Hassan pushes his friend, Amin, in front of her car so that they could both get a ride to escape. Salma does not know what was happening, but Hassan uses her to help him escape from the police. As they are escaping from the police, the policeman shot his colleague and dies. The policeman later blames Hassan for killing him. He then escapes with Salma. In the beginning Salma did not agree with their plan of running away. Instead, she wanted to tell the police what had happened, and that she had nothing to do with their run. However, she changes her mind and agrees on helping Hassan when she sees him with his younger brother, who needs surgery. During their runaway they fall in love. They have been close to getting caught both by the smugglers and the police. Later, Hassan decides to call the dean of the police, and agreed about a plan to catch the police officer. At the end of the movie, they all gather in the amusement park where they all struggle to get the money. The officer plans to kill Hassan and the smugglers, so he could get the entire bag of money for himself. However, his plan does not succeed, and the general catches him. They all get sent to jail, including Hassan. Salma promises Hassan that she would be waiting for him after he gets out of jail in 9 months.

Main castEdit

Minor CastEdit

  • Ahmed Fouad Selim as police general (inspector)
  • Magdi Idris as the smuggler's leader
  • Entisaar as Hassan's friend who's a dancer
  • Enaam Salousa as Hassan's mother
  • Hadi Khafajah as Hassan's injured brother


Aabu Ali is currently rated a 6.3 out of a 10 on imdb.[2]


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